Run Oregon Test Kitchen: Quinn Snacks and Rip Van Wafels

UntitledRun Oregon sometimes receives products to review. In this post, Run Oregon provides some initial impressions on some snacks from Quinn Snacks and Rip Van Wafels. 

Company: Quinn Snacks

Here’s how we reimagine snacks:

Does that all need to be in there?

Nope, and simple is better. Here’s a few ingredients that we’ve kicked to the curb:

GMO’s – Genetic modification is so powerful, let’s take it slow, especially with our food!

Flavorings – We’ll take real butter over carbonyl group (=C=O) any day of the week.

Preservatives – Here’s a better idea, we’ll just make sure it’s fresh when it gets to you.

Unpronounceables – I bet you don’t cook with things you can’t say. Except for maybe jicama.

But – we are not perfect. See what we are working on here.

What if we partnered with farmers?

Farm-to-Bag was created with the idea that transparency is the most powerful force for good in food. When you share where every ingredient comes from, you make food differently, you make it better. That transparency also puts the spotlight where it belongs, on those who grew it!

Can we do that and make it taste better?

If our snacks don’t make your day a little better, if kiddos still reach for the junk, then we’d be wasting our time. Good thing real food just tastes better…so much better. Need proof?


  • Real Butter and Sea Salt Popcorn
  • Vermont Maple Microwave Kettle Corn
  • Coconut Oil Popped Popcorn
  • Kale & Sea Salt Popped Popcorn


  • $4/box ($2/bag)
  • $9.99 for 2 popped bags
  • Shipping adds $8 or free with 3 items purchased
  • Find in your local store via Store Locator

Make your own microwave popcorn!

Impressions: It’s good to know where your food comes from – even your snacks. The team at Quinn Snacks has opened up an extremely worthy Farm-to-Bag concept, that shows exactly where the ingredients you are snacking on came from. And I mean exact. I input the batch number on my bag of Coconut Oil popcorn and bam. Each of the products only has a handful of natural ingredients – there are no fancy fillers or preservatives – just the natural stuff. Add on 100% recyclable boxes and compostbile bags, and you can really feel great about the products that Quinn are putting out.

As far as taste goes, I like each kind that I tried. Aside from the Real Butter and Sea Salt varieies, the other three styles were pretty unique flavors. The Kale popsorn definitely tastes (and with a green hue – looks) like Kale. It’s not too overpowering and the sea salt bring it back down a notch. The Coconut Oil has that sweetness that coconut oil provides, and is a nice sweet tasty treat.

Quinn also has pretzels and popping kernels in their repertoire too. Follow on Facebook here.


Company: Rip Van Wafels – Amsterdam Wafels


  • Traditional
  • Coconut
  • Dark Chocolate Seasalt
  • Oat and Honey
About the Product
  • Individually wrapped delicious snack waffles
  • Made with quality real ingredients
  • No artificial flavors, preservatives, trans fats, dairy, soy, or high fructose corn syrup
  • 130cals, 7-8g Sugar, 1-2g Protein- per Waffle
  • Non-GMO

Price: $24.99/16 wafels (Rip Van Wafel, Amazon)
$19.99/16 or $69.99/64 when subscribing for monthly delivery


As a mom of two boys I’m always on the lookout for good snack food. These wafels ended up being the kind of food that I have to hide in order to get a chance at it as well! Each wafel is individually wrapped, which is great for keeping them fresh and for portion control. Each wafel has 130 calories, which come from a balance of fat, sugar and protein, making it a perfect snack before, during or after exercise, or for school/camp snacks, or really any time. Based on the famous Dutch Stroopwafel, these wafels have two crispy outer layers with a soft and chewy, sweet filling. They have a just-right consistency, making them not too crumbly and not too soggy. I’ve eaten them with afternoon coffee, while running errands, before going on a run, and have sent them to school in kids lunch boxes. At around $1-$1.50 per wafel they are comparable in price to granola bars or other energy bars that you may want for snacks. I have seen them available in coffee shops, and am definitely considering the subscription service to keep them on hand at home.

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