Race Preview: 2016 McCubbin’s Gulch Scramble

Races can be categorized in 5 basic styles. Track, road, cross country, obstacle, and scramble. With X-Dog Events being the name behind the McCubbins Gulch Scramble, it is pretty much a given that this event on August 6th will be a well organized off road adventure. When a run distance is advertised as 5-6 miles and the ballpark figure for finishing time is 45 minutes, it is definitely a sign to leave the racing flats and favorite gear at home. There will be chilly creek crossings, gnarly climbs and ill advised descents. In other words, it will be a great time.

The event is on a Sunday, and does not start until 10 am. Registration opens at 8:30 as well as check in for those that registered online. There is a price increase on the 19th so try to beat that. McCubbins Gulch is in Bear Springs, OR off Highway 26. To make it even more fun, camping at the site the night before is encouraged and free. All sorts of shenanigans are alluded to, so it is guaranteed to be amusing.

Not every event offers a whole cooked hog as the centerpiece in a potluck dinner, so this one has many perks to set it apart. The key to enjoying an event such as this is to run loose and easy, fuel well and bring spare clothes! The weather may be warm but the water will be cold as it is mountain run off. I have run several X Deg Events races and have nothing bur praise for them. The location may be a little out of the way but the adventure on August 7th will be well worth it.

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