What Run Oregon is Wearing: JLab Epic2 Headphones

Run Oregon sometimes receives products to review. In this post, Run Oregon provides a review of JLab Epic2 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones.

Company: JLab Audio

Product: Epic2 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Like a champion strives for more. A runner races for a better time. A musician perfects lyrics. The Epic2 Bluetooth Earbuds have you primed for your best.

We’ve taken the award-winning Epic Bluetooth Earbuds and made them more waterproof, more skip-proof with Beacon™ Signal Technology, and even longer lasting with up to 12 hours of playtime. All while keeping that perfect fit, made just for you.

With best-in-class 12-hour battery life, a fitness-proof design and immersive skip-free sound, your best is now.

Price: $99.99


These are really solid pair of headphones. From the variety of ear sizes available to the sound, it really delivers. With the 7 different ear canal sizes, there is a fit available for everyone. One of the problems with many headphones, is their inability to stay put in my ears. As a workaround, I generally run with a headband of sorts so that I am not just rearranging them as I run. With the Epic2, the ear canal sizing really works AND the flexible cord around the ear really provides solid comfort by staying in place.

The sound is pretty darn good for sports wireless headphones – much better than most other bluetooth sets I have had, and right on par with corded pairs. I also was super impressed with the battery life. I was able to utilize about a week’s worth of runs (45-75 minutes each) without even worrying about battery drainage. That’s probably the most important quality. There really isn’t anything worse than having some awesome technology, only you have to continually charge it. I am super happy with this.

One comment I can make is that the microphone and continued connectivity seemed to be a little lacking. I am not usually in need of utilizing the microphone, so it doesn’t really bother me that it is lackluster. However, if you are someone who walks and talks, be aware. It works, but it’s not perfect. As for the connectivity, I can vouch that I never actually fully lost connection. However, there were some stretches where my music started “skipping” as a result. Basically, they worked fine for the first 60 minutes, but the final 10-15 were kind of a jumbled mess. I will say this has only occurred a couple times, and has been remedied by manually reconnecting. It hasn’t stopped me from utilizing it though, and has only occurred few and far between.

Even with a few struggles at times, at under $100, I think the positives far outnumber the others.

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