What Run Oregon is Wearing: K-Deer Leggings

Company:K-Deer Style: Capris in 'Wildcard' Price: $88 Description: 

  • No outside leg seam, for a smooth, chafe-free wearing experience
  • 30" inseam can stretch to 34" or scrunch at the ankle
  • Single layer, unlined for a 'second skin' experience
  • American knit and printed 4-way stretch spandex/nylon fabric
  • Lightweight, luxuriously soft feel
  • High performance moisture wicking, fast drying technology
I’m not a hoarder, but if I might be guilty of hoarding leggings and hats, so when an opportunity came up to test out some fun leggings, I couldn’t say no. When I told friends that I was testing them out for Run Oregon they laughed, questioning how you test out leggings. I pretty much live in leggings, so I consider myself an expert and there is a huge difference among them.

Fabric is usually the first thing I look at. I get excited with fun prints, but if the fabric seems thin or doesn’t move with my body the fun is wasted. I bought a pair of Star War’s leggings so excited to wear C3P0 and R2D2 for the premiere of The Force Awakens. Even though I love the print, I’ve worn those leggings twice. The fabric is thin, too slippery, they didn’t match the thread well at all and they get saggy in areas. With that said, there’s a huge difference in quality among leggings and it can be disappointing and frustrating at times to waste money.

When I opened up my K-Deer pants I did a little dance. The print was fun, the material was thick enough and it appeared to have quality construction. The only part that had me a little hesitant was the size. I ordered a small, but when I held them up they looked SMALL. I worried I might need an extension with my review to give me time to drop weight to squeeze into them, but decided they were cute enough it would be worth it.

Fortunately, the material is super stretchy so I didn’t have to lose weight to get them on. They are also comfortable- the fabric is slick, but doesn’t shift. I’ve worn these on 5-6 mile runs, at the gym, to the grocery store and cleaning house. Pretty much every time I’ve worn them someone has complimented me. One guy friend suggested that they looked a little more Punky Brewster than middle aged housewife and, while I don’t think he was intending that as a compliment, I’m taking it as one. Punky Brewster was a free spirit, looked at the bright side of things and spoke her mind, which I love regardless of age.

My panic with how small these looked was short lived. Pretty much as soon as I tried them on I fell in love. The waistband is particularly tight and thick and keeps everything in place. Anyone trying to prevent the dreaded muffin top or whale tale will appreciate these with a tight and slightly higher waistband. The seams are smooth to prevent chafing and don’t tear as you pull them up, as I’ve experienced with too many previous leggings.

The print was fun, the fabric worked with me and they don’t hold onto smells like many moisture-wicking fabrics. The directions suggest cold wash and line dry, but I washed them on warm and so far no fading or shrinking. K-Deer are quality leggings and it’s an added bonus that they are manufactured in the United States, which helps with the price tag. They are a little spendier than my Star War’s leggings, but so worth the extra cost. The material is a 4-way stretch spandex/nylon mix that is lightweight, fast-drying and moves with you. The construction is superior with flat seams the prevent chafing and are made to last. On top of all that, they’re fun with lots of unique prints. You won’t show up to the gym or for a group run and find a bunch of twinsies. Do expect some compliments, though, which is always just an added bonus.


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