Race Preview: 2016 Salem Summer Solstice 5/10k (Only $12 through June 5)

June is upon us again, and that can mean only one thing - the Salem Summer Solstice 10k and 5k are just a few weeks away. OK, OK - I know that isn't probably something most people are thinking - but I know without a doubt that my two girls are. It wasn't but just two days ago when my oldest said, "hey Dad - remember that race you do with the ice cream afterwards? That's pretty soon right?" She's got it down!

This iconic race is put on by the Willamette Valley Road Runners, and the courses are some of my favorite in Salem. I probably run these paved trails 3-4 times per month and am ecstatic to see Minto Brown Park continue to gain bark and dirt trails (in addition to shortly being connected with Riverfront Park). The event is pretty much the same from year’s past – why mess with a good thing, right?! Last year, they staggered the start times to thin people out, as previous years had seen major path clogging due to the 5k consisting of a very quick out and back that was always chaotic

Of course, the race is just part of the event – as the ice cream sundae bar afterwards is always a hit for runners and spectators alike (free for runners with registration and $2 for others. The event also once again benefits McKay High School Cross Country.

Salem Summer Solstice 10k and 5k (Salem)
When: Friday, June 24; 7pm for 10k and 710pm for 5k
Where: Minto Brown Island Park
Register: Online here; $12, $16 after June 5, 2016, and $20 DOR

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