Kickstarter of the Week: AthletesInsight sunglasses (PLEDGE EARLY FOR $15!!)


It looks like the sun and heat will be returning this week, which means that running sunglasses are a necessity. Back in March, we highlighted a pair of shades from AthletesInsight. Kelly had this to say:

Are they worth this price? Yes, definitely.

First the Legend Performance Sport Sunglasses. These are a darker lens, suitable for sunny days whether you are just driving or hitting the roads. They were a little dark to wear on a trail where there would be deep shade, but perfect for a long run on Springwater or a waterfront loop. They are light, and very wide. I have a pretty normal size face and they felt wide on me, but their website says it fits “normal to large faces” best. They weren’t uncomfortably large, but I can tell you they would be good if you struggle to find some that fit a bigger-than-average gourd. The nose piece fits dry … what I mean by that is that even when you sweat, it doesn’t slip. So these glasses stay put on a run, which is important for me since I am really great at sweating.

I also tested out the Tahoe Performance Sport Sunglasses. I liked these better than the Legend sunglasses because they are white with neon green accents. I don’t know if white frames are still cool, but I like how they look. They have a tint to them that makes the cloudiest overcast Oregon days seem like a day worthy of the Brady Bunch. They just brightened everything up, but cut out that annoying sun glare which is the reason most people reach for sunglasses. They fit a little smaller than the Legend sunglasses – and even stayed put on my almost-four-year-old daughter’s little noggin. They have the same dry-feeling nose piece as the legend.

The price is low enough to get both pair, so you’re ready for super-sunny days and, well, the rest of the year here in Oregon!

Now Athletes Insight is seeking to expand its distribution by heading to Kickstarter. You can pledge now for about $15 (EARLY BIRD) followed by $30 for the first 100 and $50 for the next 100 pairs. Now is a great time to get yourself a new and inexpensive pair!

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