Product Review: RecoFit Compression Gear

I had the pleasure of testing out a pair of RecoFit Calf Compression Sleeves over the last several weeks. Having become a recent convert to the joys of calf compression, both pre, during, and post-race, I was truly exited to give the RecoFit’s a run for their money.

Many of you are probably quite familiar with the basics of compression and why it is valuable for runners. I won’t got into all the details and benefits of why compression is so excellent, but if you wish to learn more, check this background information out. From the website, here are some of the benefits and features you will find in the calf compression sleeves. I found all of these to be accurate.

– Oxygenation-enhancing Resistex Carbon-based Fabric
– Disperses Heat and Moisture
– Gradient Compression
– Left- and Right-Leg-Specific
– Designed and Developed in Boulder, Colorado
– Made in the USA

– Delivers Oxygen Faster to Muscles
– Reduces Damaging Muscular Vibration
– Enhances Performance
– Delays Fatigue
– Improves Recovery

Priced at $44.95, the calf sleeves are available in two color choices, black or white. I received the white, which had a decent feminine ‘feel’ to them. As these are uni-sex products, you determine which color you wish, then measure the circumference of the largest part of your calf muscle. Make sure not to flex it. If between sizes, I always recommend (as does RecoFit) to order down to the smaller size, rather than size up. Compression is all about having a nice, firm, almost tight fit (not too tight, of course) – so you don’t want it to be too bag, loose and ‘baggy’. If it is, you won’t capture all the amazing benefits of compression apparel.

Being an equal opportunity trail runner or road runner, I tested the RecoFit calf compression sleeves on both the trails and on the roads. Yep – they did get dirty! And they were wet and soggy. I’m pleased to report the sleeves washed up impeccably – the white stayed white! And, even when bogged down with water, I could still feel the benefits of the compression, and they did not cause chafing or irritation. Part of this could be thanks to the excellent gripping material at the top of the calf, as well as the silky feel of the material. The calf sleeves are made with “fine imported Italian fabric”. The primary fabric is 62% nylon/35% spandex and 2% carbon. The secondary fabric is 86% nylon and 14% spandex.

A special and unique feature of the RecoFit calf compression sleeves is that they are designed for ‘left’ and ‘right’ leg application. It’s a little tricky to see, but you just take a peek inside the top elastic for the instruction on what to do so you get them on correctly. Yes, you do receive a pair of the sleeves – you don’t buy them as a single unit.

I am interested in some of their other products in their robust product line, which includes the (new) Women’s Compression Tights, RecoFit Full-Leg Sleeves, RecoFit Shin-Splint Therapy Sleeves and the RecoFit Armcoolers (this is next on my list to get!).

RecoFit’s “Perform Better Recover Faster” statement on the product packaging is indeed accurate. This is a solid product, made by a company that is all about helping athletes be the best they can be. Made in the USA, designed in the USA … I’m a fan! Two big thumbs up all around! Get out there and “use it or lose it!” 

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