Your new favorite running shirt: the Brooks Ghost. You’re welcome.

The Brooks Ghost shirt for women, in pink

There have been times when I’ve signed up for a race primarily because I like the shirt design, only to be disappointed in the shirt’s quality. So even though I love getting a great tech shirt at a race, there are times when the race shirt immediately ends up in the “donate pile” because the fabric is either too bulky, too scratchy, or the fit just isn’t right. I love running, so shirts that detract from the fun of it get cut from the team quickly.

That’s why I am obsessed with this Brooks Ghost running shirt. It’s made of an extremely light, breathable material that is still opaque enough to conceal my belly button, and it’s comfy. And cool – I mean, cool-looking, yes, but also cool. The material contains linen, which is a quick-drying fabric, and when the sun gets warm this is the shirt to have.  I first showed it off in my post about how runners could take care of their skin (the sleeves protect your shoulders and back from the sun without getting too hot), but the more I wear it the more I though it deserved it’s very own post.

I, of course, got the pink and white one, but it comes in three other colors: white and a light, minty green, blue and black, and purple and white. It comes in a short sleeve model and a tank, which comes in those four colors plus a bright almost-neon yellow. I’m 5′ 8″ and weigh 160 pounds, and am rather chesty (DD or E-cup), and the size L fits me perfectly without being tight at all.

The fit is loose and long, slightly tapered at the waist. The shirt is slightly longer in the back, so it covers your butt a little more (I like this feature because it’s slimming), and the back is also a slightly more open weave than the front so sweat will evaporate more quickly. The neck of the tank is a little lower scooped than the short-sleeve shirt, but neither will have you showing off more than you want to.

Even better, this shirt dries really quickly. So it’s the first one off the drying rack, and doesn’t get saturated on a sweaty run or race.

This shirt is available at a number of local running stores, or you can order it online directly from Brooks here for $48.

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