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What Run Oregon is Wearing: Swiftwick Maxus Zero compression socks

Run Oregon was given the opportunity to try out of Swiftwick Maxus Zero compression socks.

Features of the Maxus line include:

  • Cushioned toe guard: Creates second skin fit to virtually eliminate the risk of blisters
  • Breathable upper: Constructed with Olefin fibers and open knit pattern for maximum comfort
  • Maximum cushion: Made with a unique structure and materials to provide maximum cushion and moisture wicking
Swiftwick designs their socks products with the following premise:
Our socks will increase your endurance with Managed Compression™ construction, keep your feet dry with the most effective moisture wicking fibers, eliminate the risk of blisters with a second skin fit and defeat odor with the most advanced antimicrobial technology.
Swiftwick Amazon Store

Swiftwick Maxus

Impressions (Rachel): The thing I noticed right off the bat was how soft these socks were. I was also a fan of that fact that they were much thinner than other compression socks I have, as others tend to be thick and bulky. A few days prior to testing out the Maxus Zero’s, I had actually gotten blisters on both of my feet from backpacking; I worried a bit that running would re-irritate these spots. I ended up trying these socks out on a few runs, ranging from 3-5 miles and was incredibly happy with how comfortable they were. There were zero hot spots, they kept my feet dry, and there was no rubbing or slippage, which meant that my blisters could continue to heal properly.

The Swiftwick Maxus Zero‘s are offered in 4 different colors and come in sizes S, M, & L. They can be purchased for $12.99 (around $12 on Amazon). After normal machine wash and dry, my pair of Maxus Zero’s continue to hold their shape and softness. I would definitely recommend these for runners seeking a compression sock made with superior quality.


Impressions (Robin): Thinking about my feet is probably the last thing on my mind, but it only takes a little issue to make the priority of thoughts readjust.  Something as simple as a sock uncomfortably slipping or even a teeny tiny blister or hot spot can quickly escalate from a “little issue” to a big problem!  I first fell in love with Swiftwick and forgetting about my feet again with the Maxus Zero compression sock.


I will be honest in admitting I was skeptical at first impression. It was not “love at first sight” because I am very much not a fan of “anklet” or “no-show” socks, which, essentially mean pausing mid run to readjust the wad of material that has slipped down the length of my foot and chaffing the underside of my toes or arch.  Ouch. Give me a dorky crew cut any day so I know they aren’t going anywhere… but these socks stay in place and promise that if being mindful of your feet is necessary on the run, being mindful of your sock (position) isn’t on the list. Forget about your feet and let Swiftwick do the work for you.

The designers thought about everything from maximum cushion without being too heavy and bulky,  signature “Linked Toe” technology to eliminate seam irritation and avoid blisters, and made with olefin (which not only retains very little moisture and resists deterioration from perspiration and detergents, it really is a Nobel Prize winning fiber).  Yeah chemistry!   Give them a try to see if “the chemistry” is right for you.  You might just fall in love.

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