Indiegogo of the Week: Fit Rebel Leggings

Product: Seni by Fit Rebel: Art Inspired Leggings

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

End Date: End of May 2016

Current Pledge: $1,888 (13% Funded)

On a mission to create awe-inspiring activewear, Seni by Fit Rebel Leggings wants to bring art into everyday, from early morning yoga to errands after work.  Their goal is to encourage women to be more active, happy and healthy with beautiful leggings to make them look and feel good. From their Malaysian roots, they use a traditional textile art called batik to create the designs. Batik in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries is predominantly seen in formal wear. Fit Rebel wants to change that and merge the traditional art form with a modern, funky flair, expanding their reach and utilizing an ancient art form for very contemporary pieces. It’s a unique combination and Fit Rebel pulls it off beautifully.

The designs are hand drawn with batik tools, the tjanting and hot wax, and then colored in with fabric dye. The artwork is transferred onto performance spandex, so they are machine washable and the colors never fade. Fit Rebel leggings currently have 5 nature inspired designs hand drawn by a local artist. Just like each of the designs are unique, they are all named after women who inspired their creation.

Fit Rebel wants to bring affordable, quality leggings to the world. Their leggings typically start at $75, but with this Indiegogo, they are offering a special deal for individuals supporting their campaign. Part of the funds raised through this campaign will go to the artists working to preserve their craft and the balance will go to the cost of production.

The gifts for your contribution include leggings, a hand painted greeting card, a batik cotton handkerchief or a Japanese Koi painting. They currently have a super early bird special for the first 50 people to donate. For only $39 you can help get this company off the ground and get a pair of fun, bright leggings.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love my leggings and I have too many to count, but I don’t have any that come even close to the  Fit Rebel style. I think it’s empowering that they were named after real women and I love the gorgeous designs. With peacocks, koi, hummingbirds and dragonflies, these leggings were derived from nature. It’s just an added bonus they were named after inspiring women. You’re more likely to work out if you feel good in what you are wearing and Fit Rebel strives to help you do just that.


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