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Most runners and cyclists are familiar with Pear Izumi. From their running shoes, to their running apparel line-up, they are emerging as being more visible on the pavement as they are in cycling races. Run Oregon has received a few products from their new Spring Pursuit line to review, and here are our thoughts. The Pursuit line is described as such:

As things transition from winter to spring and ultimately to summer, [running] endures a lot of change. Severe temperature swings. Uncertain road conditions. Schizophrenic weather patterns. This spring, we’re enduring a few changes of our own here at Pearl Izumi. We’ve completely rethought our approach to crafting gear. Analyzing the psyche of why different [runners run], then using those findings to inspire smarter, more intuitive designs.

The Pursuit line is engineered for those who live to compete. Against courses, fellow [runners] and worst of all, previous bests. These products blend cutting edge construction with minimal seaming for an exceptional on-bike fit and contoured feel.

But fighting time isn’t your only worry this spring. The extreme mix of elements presents a unique challenge. Like when it goes from sunny and calm to windy and rainy… It takes resourcefulness and adaptability to ride in these conditions, so let Pearl Izumi help prepare you with the right clothing for the season.



Pursuit Singlet

Impressions (Pursuit Singlet & Pursuit Short Sleeve):

Specs (from website):

  • 100% polyester
  • Colors:
    • Screaming Orange
    • Sky Blue / Blue Depths
    • Lime Punch / Veridian Green
  • Main body fabric UPF 50+

I am not a singlet type of guy. Our resident Fast Guy, Brian, is always talking about the benefits of the singlet (or going shirtless). I didn’t believe him. It wasn’t until Pearl Izumi sent their new Pursuit Singlet over that I even considered wearing one.

I can actually see the benefits in wearing a singlet, if they are anything like the Pursuit. It was so light and breathable, that it actually made my sometimes “struggly” warm afternoon runs more enjoyable. The fabric kept so much cooler than I anticipated and I’m sure that the full mesh back had a lot to do with that. It was tight, but not too much. They call it “semi-form fit”. I call it a nice middle ground between compression-fit and baggy.

UntitledThe Pursuit Short Sleeve is essentially the exact same construction (and colors), just with sleeves instead. So if singlets aren’t your thing – than this is a solid option.

I was sent an extremely vibrant orange to try out in the singlet and a sky blue/blue depths in the short sleeve. The “Screaming Orange” felt like I needed to go hold a sign at a construction site afterwards. I kid. But it definitely fits the “screaming” descriptor. The blue mix in the short sleeve was the most subdued color scheme of the three available.

When I saw the price tag, I was actually shocked. At $40 for the singlet and $45 for the short sleeve, they seemed a very reasonable cost. I was expecting much higher for items that seem to be great for warm weather running and look like they will last for a while.

Impressions (Pursuit 7″ short):

Specs (from website):

  • Main body:
    • 86% polyester, 14% elastane
  • Liner:
    • 88% polyester, 12% elastane
  • Colors:
    • Black
    • Shadow Grey
    • Blue Depths/Black

UntitledI have mentioned in a few posts that I am slowly rebuilding my running wardrobe in the shorts department. Much like the Pursuit tops, these shorts fall into the middle range of tightness – their “Semi-Form” fit. It’s not compression tight, nor is it gym short baggy – it’s right smack dab in the middle.  The liner is a little longer than a brief – more of a short boxer-brief made of a very similar fabric combination to the outer.  I have relegated a handful of shorts with short linings to my attic due to poor construction and subsequent chafage (and part of the reason why I moved to running in gym shorts for years). However, these liners have not caused any irritation. They are meshy, which keeps the goods secure, yet cool.

There is an “envelope” pocket in the back middle, made of mesh and feature some elastic that folds over to keep a key, credit card, or energy gel packet secure. You would be pretty hard pressed to get a phone in there (my iPhone6 had no hope of fitting).

Overall, this is appears to be, yet another, well constructed item by Pearl Izumi. Their Pursuit line seems to be pursuing awesome – and reaching it!

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