Kickstarter of the Week: The Theft-Proof Drawstring Backpack by LocTote Industrial Bag Co.

Product: LocTote Drawstring Backpack Location: Columbus, OH Kickstarter End Date: May 25, 2016 Current Pledge: $192,090 of $16,000 (Funded!) At some point or another, we have all probably managed to receive a drawstring backpack as part of a race giveaway or post-race raffle. You know the type - the logo centered plastic ones that do the job for a while until mass production steps in and the strings break or the bag falls apart. I am NOT knocking races that give these out, but I think most event will acknowledge that it's a cheap investment and short-term solution. I personally enjoy these, and the LocTote Drawstring Backpack is stepping things up a notch with their Kickstarter campaign.

The first thing to note is that these are more expensive than you are used to. At $140, you may do a double take at that price tag. However, before you click close out this window, make sure you understand what you are getting with this bag. From their website:

The Flak Sack seemed like an obvious name to us for a bag that can withstand whatever life throws at it. The Flak Sack by the LOCTOTE INDUSTRIAL BAG CO. is the toughest (if not the only) theft-proof drawstring backpack ever. It was designed to accommodate the lifestyles of people on the go needing to have their essentials with them, but not able to be constantly looking after them. This slash proof bag is a portable safe for your valuables. Simply lock the bag closed and to any secure object – and leave it without worrying about it being tampered with, damaged, or stolen. PROUDLY made in the USA.

LOCTOTE™ bags are crafted from a double-layer of the most advanced cut resistant fabric in the world. Woven from a proprietary blend of high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) and other state-of-the-art fibers, the fabric was originally developed for use in high performance body armor and personal protection under-garments for law enforcement, corrections, and security workers. Our bags have the highest possible Blade Cut Resistance, Tear Resistance, and Abrasion Resistance ratings based on international (ISO) and European (EN) standards. Our bags are 5 times more cut resistant than Kevlar®, a material known for its use in bulletproof vests.

Simply put, no fabric available today is absolutely 100% cut-proof. If it was, you wouldn’t be able to make anything with it. Our bags are the most cut resistant you will find in the market, and it takes very specialized equipment to make them. To a thief, it’s not worth the trouble. So how cut resistant is it? We shot a video with a shirt made out of our fabric to demonstrate that we don’t just say that we stand behind our claims, we literally stand behind them. We are confident that we have created for you The Most Extreme Drawstring Backpack in the World.

This is by far the most technological bag I have ever seen. I mean – it locks? It is cut proof? It is waterproof? That’s pretty impressive stuff right there! It also looks ridiculously awesome (in my opinion) – an understated coolness and simplicity. And it seems like 1000+ others would agree as this campaign has BLOWN past their initial backing amount of $18,000 and is now at almost $200,000 (as of late April). Delivery should be June 2016, as this campaign is just to assist with pushing things over the top towards production. Sounds like something we can get behind!

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