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Company: Lorpen

Being an avid runner and in the running community for a very long time (I don’t want to reveal how old I am), I had not heard of the Lorpen company name before. Here’s a brief synopsis of the company. Lorpen, in the 1980s, began producing innovative (and functional) technical walking and hiking socks in the Basque region of Spain as a small manufacturer. Having resounding success, Lorpen now produces their socks at manufacturing facilities on two continents, and sells their products in more than 60 countries (thankfully, including the United States).

Even with the significant growth in Lorpen, the founders remain true to their original vision: “to produce the best technical socks for serious outdoor activities.” Lorpen’s product designers walk-the-walk, too. They enjoy heading out into the local mountains in Spain by morning, and design socks in the afternoon. “Our passion and commitment to excellent is a direct result of living and working in a natural environment.”

And, very important to me, Lorpen’s vision “also includes a commitment to preserve the environment in every aspect of business. This means that whenever possible we work with fibres that are created from sustainable and manageable resources. We also develop manufacturing processes that are sensitive to the environment and reduce the amount of post production waste at all levels.”

Lorpen’s product line features items specific for wintersports, multi-sport, outdoor, trail running, hunting, work and tactical gear.

Now let me tell you about these beauties I got to try!

Jessica’s First Lorpen Product:


  • Height: Over Calf
  • Cushioning: None
  • Contents: 72% Nylon, 28% Ea. LYCRA®


I used to be a huge fan of compression socks, and even compression leggings. They were ‘all the rage’ in the 2009-2011 racing scene. After forgetting to wear them to a race, I found I actually had a more pleasurable recovery (and experience during the run) without them! This is the first time I have tried any sot of compression gear since – almost 5 years.

As I mentioned above, having never heard the Lorpen brand previously, I went into this product test with absolutely zero expectations. The first time I tried them, I figured I would simply leave them on for 15 or so minutes and just go with the flow, fully expecting to be ripping them off as quickly as possible.

Well, that didn’t happen. I fell in love. I’m experiencing some calf pain as we speak. I decided, since I initially loved them so much when I first tried them on, that I would wear them to bed overnight to see if anything helped ease the calf pain. These did. NOTE: I’m not a medical professional, and Lorpen does not advertise this product as helping with pain – but the women’s compression light calf sleeves were just what I needed. I’ve been wearing them to bed every night now, and wake up pain-free in my calf muscle area. Of course, during the day and walking/running all around, the tenderness returns, so I can’t wait to get them back on at bedtime.

They look sweet, too. I received the white pair with purple lettering, as pictured here. They are adorable, I think! I happily will wear these out running – not just running inside on the treadmill – but out for the world to see. They are simple and elegant. The women’s version color choices are black/pink or white/purple.

Definitely check out the sizing chart. I have a 15″ calf muscle, and selected the size small. As these compression sleeves feature a graduated compression – 30mmHg in the ankle and 20mmHG in the calf – this product is ideally suited for athletic activities.

Jessica’s Second Lorpen Product:


  • Height: Shorty
  • Cushioning: Heel and Toe – Light Cushion
  • Contents: 36% Tencel®, 35% Coolmax®, 18% Nylon, 10% EA. Lycra®, 1% Modal®


I love socks. And they are often an overlooked, yet vitally important, piece of running gear. I know a lot of runners who think the “stuff you can buy at the big box stores (like Target, Walmart, et. al.) is perfectly fine!” But then, I also hear them say, “why do I always have blisters or hot spots on my feet after running (any distance)?” Well, right there folks! You just answered your question — maybe you should invest in socks that are researched, designed, and tested by the people who do what we do! After all, Lorpen is all about socks

In comes the Lorpen T3 Women’s Trail Running Light Sock. There are two trail running socks to choose from in the Lorpen women’s trail running line: this model and Ultra Light Sock. The ultra light sock is non-cushioned (which definitely has a place in my sock drawer, along with a nice, plush, cushioned sock, like the Running Light Sock).

Some really outstanding features exist in the T3 Women’s Trail Running Light Sock. First, they have a women’s specific fit, which is designed to be narrower in the forefoot and the heel. I am a women’s shoe size 8 and selected the medium size. The TENCEL®, COOLMAX® and LYCRA® work harmoniously together to showcase a running sock that is good year-round, it plush and smooth on the skin, wicks away that nasty foot moisture that causes blisters, and stays on your foot with no bunching or slippage. These socks have incredible moisture management – and when Lorpen says good for all seasons, they mean it. You know that downpour we just experienced in the PNW? Well, I was wearing these during that, and they were troopers!

Between the Lorpen light calf sleeve and the trail running light sock, I have an amazing new arsenal to get me through not only road running, but these incredible trail running feats I have yet to tackle. I wish I would have had them for the McKenzie River 50K – it was have saved some discomfort and pain for sure!

Lorpen graciously is offering Run Oregon Blog Readers a 30% discount, and free shipping, by using the following code: RUNOREGON


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