What Run Oregon is Wearing: Women’s panties by Tomboyx, Runderwear, and Under Armour

Run_Oregon_LogoI’ve been on a quest to find the perfect pair of workout panties after refusing to let Matt have all the fun testing out underwear. I’ve found that fabric plays a huge factor in it, as well as seam placement and overall cut and style. This little mission has required me to test some types I previously refused to wear, but I kept an open mind and was pleasantly surprised with my findings. Just like there are so many shapes and sizes of ladies, there are so many varieties of underwear too. I've come across some hits and misses.

Company: TOMBOYx Undies

Style: Good Carma Boxers

Price: $27

Fabrics: High-quality cotton touched with just enough spandex to mirror your moves without binding (95% cotton, 5% spandex) Built to last with reinforced seams in all the right places

Impressions: Truthfully, I laughed out loud when these arrived. They are so opposite of the typical panty I gravitate towards. A funky boy short sort of boxer, there’s a lot of fabric with these. I think they would work fine on a cold weather run, but I don’t think they’d be ideal for any sort of heat. They’re longer than some of my workout shorts and running skirts, so they weren’t super practical for me in a running sense, but I still fell in love with these. The fabric is soft and comfortable and I think they are perfect to wear to bed, with jeans or under a skirt, when you want a little more coverage. I didn’t find these to be workout panties, per se, but more of an everyday sort of panty and one with a little bit of attitude at that.  If extra coverage with extreme comfort is what you’re going for, these are perfect. While I laughed at them when I opened them up and my husband frowned a little, the cut, fit and fabric won us over. Any day other than your long run day, these would make a perfect go-to panty and they’d feel pretty good to slip on after a long run too.


Runderwear Hipsters


Company: Runderwear

Style: Women’s Hipster

Price: $22.49

Fabric: 360 Degree seamless technology construction, moisture wicking, ergonomically designed to move with your body, core temperature control, lightweight and breathable fabric (92% Polyamide, 8% Elastane).

Impressions: These are another set of not so attractive panties that had me questioning just why I was doing this project. I’m all about function, but there is a limit. While these aren’t the most attractive panties I’ve tested, they have been my favorite. I kept reminding myself that granny panties are hip now and I’m running with that since they are probably be the only ‘hip’ item in my wardrobe. I pretty much fell in love with them on their first run. (TMI warning) I was already chafed from a previous run and cringed at the thought of wearing anything at all down there on my next run. I put these on and instantly fell in love. They are snug and remind me of the bun-hugger shorts that I would love to run in, but just can’t pull off, and my boys are grateful that I don’t try it.  They are comfortable and move with your body, almost to the point that you forget you’re wearing panties. I haven’t noticed an obnoxious panty line with these and I wear them under everything- shorts, running skirts and yoga pants. I can’t wait for these to go through the wash, since they are my new favorite workout panty. The fabric breathes and works regardless of the temperature outside and it moves with you so you can focus on your run, not raw spots. Created by people who were frustrated when they couldn’t find decent performance underwear, these far exceeded my expectations, plus the clever name only adds to the cool factor.


Under Armour Pure Stretch- Sheer Thong

Company: Under Armour

Style: Pure Stretch Sheer Thong

Price: $12

Fabric: Nylon/Elastane, laser cut edges offer a hem-free construction, lightweight, 4-way stretch fabric improves range of motion, dries faster, anti-microbial technology, tagless.

Impressions: These note that ‘one size fits most’ and apparently my size does not fall in that category, even though I’m pretty much average height for a woman, or at least within a couple of inches of it. The fabric is lightweight and somewhat breathable, but definitely didn’t wick away moisture and actually just left me disappointed. They moved all over the place, probably because they didn’t fit properly. They did dry fast and were lightweight, but overall I was extremely disappointed with the sheer stretch thong. I worried too much about my panties traveling instead of my run. Maybe on another lady these would be great. The price is definitely right and the material was decent, they just need to come up with some sizing options since I discovered one size really can’t fit most.

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