What Run Oregon is Wearing: Shades from AthletesInsight, District Vision, and Baendit

Run Oregon sometimes receives products to review. We recently received some sunglasses for review from a handful of companies. Check out our impressions below.  Company: AthletesInsight Product: Legend and Tahoe Performance Sport Sunglasses Cost: The Legend sunglasses are $64.99 and the Tahoe sunglasses are $54.99 Description: Kelly's Impressions: I tested these out without checking out the price first. Are they worth this price? Yes, definitely. First the Legend Performance Sport Sunglasses. These are a darker lens, suitable for sunny days whether you are just driving or hitting the roads. They were a little dark to wear on a trail where there would be deep shade, but perfect for a long run on Springwater or a waterfront loop. They are light, and very wide. I have a pretty normal size face and they felt wide on me, but their website says it fits "normal to large faces" best. They weren't uncomfortably large, but I can tell you they would be good if you struggle to find some that fit a bigger-than-average gourd. The nose piece fits dry ... what I mean by that is that even when you sweat, it doesn't slip. So these glasses stay put on a run, which is important for me since I am really great at sweating.

I also tested out the Tahoe Performance Sport Sunglasses. I liked these better than the Legend sunglasses because they are white with neon green accents. I don’t know if white frames are still cool, but I like how they look. They have a tint to them that makes the cloudiest overcast Oregon days seem like a day worthy of the Brady Bunch. They just brightened everything up, but cut out that annoying sun glare which is the reason most people reach for sunglasses. They fit a little smaller than the Legend sunglasses – and even stayed put on my almost-four-year-old daughter’s little noggin. They have the same dry-feeling nose piece as the legend.

Both models offer the adjustable nose piece and are shatter resistant. In addition to the Legend and Tahoe sunglasses, AthletesInsight offers three other models which you can check out here. They both also come with a zippered hard case containing a soft carry bag which can be used to clean the lenses. The price is low enough to get both pair, so you’re ready for super-sunny days and, well, the rest of the year here in Oregon!


District Vision Keiichi Performance Sunglasses

Company: District Vision
Product: Keiichi Performance Sunglasses
Cost: Approximately $350
Description: The Keiichi performance eyewear system was developed over a two year technical testing period, involving New York City runners and Japanese engineering. The frame features District polycarbonate lens technology, an adjustable, hypoallergenic rubber nose pad and temple tips with beta titanium core.

Geli’s Impressions: These glasses are probably the Lamborghini of the running sunglasses world. They are pretty expensive – compared to other athletic pairs – but do have a lot of science and features behind them. The glasses themselves are very lightweight (22g) and made from oil and water-repellent plastic. The polycarbonate lenses promise to be shatter- and scratch-proof and have anti-reflective coating, which keeps glare out of your eyes. Luckily, I haven’t had to test this out…yet.

The adjustable nose pad and arm tips allow for the glasses to be custom fit to runners’ faces – something that promises to keep it fitting to your face with the comfort you desire. The nose pad has ripples, which prevent the glasses from sliding down my nose while sweating. I personally found that the feel of the ripples took some getting used to, but that’s just me. The elastic strap, which attaches to the rings in the arm tips, also gently pulls the glasses snugly against your face. The glasses are available in black, white, or gray frames with “sky” (olive), yellow, or grey lenses.

These may not be for everyone, but if the Keiichi are your style and you are looking for a long-term investment, these may be the way to go for you.


Company: Baendit
Product: Keiichi Performance Sunglasses
Cost: Approximately $149

I go through sunglasses like crazy. I either lose them or break them or the lenses become scratched into oblivion. So I typically stick with quantity over quantity: Inexpensive ones (i.e. the kind at the drugstore… on sale) quad the free kind (thanks race vendors! I have about a dozen pairs of sunnies from various races). My favorite pairs over recent years was a pair of faux wood ones from Honest Tea and a gaudy gold pair from Brooks. Yeah. I’m classy like that.

So taking a pair of spendy (to me), AND revolutionary sunglasses out for a test drive was pretty exciting. Baendit sunglasses were a Run Oregon featured IndieGoGo campaign back in December and have since become fully funded. Baendit claims to be the first bendable, modular, and interchangeable pair of sunglasses.

The price is a little on the high end, particularly if you’re sunglass-thrifty like myself but the concept of quality sunglasses that have flexible and interchangeable parts is pretty cool. The nose piece, and arms are the same style for all Baendit sunglasses, although they are available in nine silicone colors and two leather options. There are three different styles of lenses:

  • Al Capone (rectangular silver lenses with silver metal accents)
  • Red Baron (gold aviator-style lenses with goldtone metal accents)
  • Sundance Kid (black round lenses with black metal accents).

I received Al Capone, a variation of the classic aviator. They were easy to assemble, I just slid the pieces into place and they were ready to go. The fit was good, and the adjustable arms mean they can stay on your face even when you’re busy doing activities such as running. The lenses have UVA and UVB protection. While the lenses themselves are lightweight-ish, the sunglasses as a whole feel fairly heavy, especially if you’re used to performance sunglasses. Also…. If you are even a little obsessive about things being straight, steer clear. After bending these into all sorts of angles, it will be very difficult to ever get the arms perfectly straight. While that may not bother some people, it’s worth mentioning. I will definitely keep these in my sunglass rotation, some further tweaking could really improve these sunglasses. If you tend to break your sunglasses, and don’t mind them being a smidge heavier as a trade off, these durable beauties are definitely worth checking out.
Run Oregon receives products to review from time to time. While we appreciate the companies that provide us with items to check out, please note that the feelings and words in our reviews are entirely our own.

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