First Round: A Plethora of Panties

Run_Oregon_LogoBack in November 2014, Matt decided to do some venturing into reviewing men’s underwear. Since that time, he has expanded his “research” and has completed 5 (yes 5!) posts on the subject. I figured why let him have all the fun? Ladies have underwear needs and run as well, right?! This is my first round of reviewing FEMALE undergarments. It might seem ridiculous, but experience some chafing in that region and you quickly discover there’s nothing funny about it. This is very serious business. 


Silkcut Shorty Panty
Fabric: 94% Micro Modal® Air | 6% Elastane

I was a little hesitant with these panties, since the cut made me think I’d be sporting a serious panty line and was initially concerned the fabric wouldn’t keep its shape. I’m not sure about the panty line part of it, but I’m pretty certain it wasn’t bad if they did give me one and the comfort made up for it. The material is light and stretchy and feels like a second skin when you put them on. After washing them, they went right back to their original shape and looked brand new. These were comfortable next to the skin, but not super snug.

Made with Edelweiss Technology, the Micromodal ® Air is created with fibers from Austria and is carbon-neutral. The material is completely biodegradable and surprisingly durable for how soft it feels. The fabric moves with you and remains form-fitting, but never restrictive. These work with your body for a run, Pilates session or chauffeuring the kids around all day. The Tani silk cut shorty panty is comfortable and environmentally responsible, making the $35 price tag a little easier to take.

Moving Comfort
Out-of-Sight Workout Bikini 
Body: DriLayer® 74% nylon / 26% spandex. Care Instructions: Machine wash cold with like colors.

Most ladies try to prevent panty lines and I’m no exception.  I usually gravitate towards a thong cut, but tested these out with an open mind. The fabric is a soft nylon/spandex blend and just feels good to the touch. They are seamless, to prevent chafing, but have added material in the crotch to provide extra absorbency.   I was a little hesitant with the cut. Even though I loved the feel of the fabric, it provided a lot more coverage than usual for me and, of course, had me thinking panty lines with that coverage. Regardless,  I loved how they felt against my skin and, the best part, they stayed in place. While I didn’t feel like these were completely out-of-sight panties, I think they made up in function where they might have lacked in their claim to be invisible.

They held up for longer runs and didn’t shrink or break down in the dryer. I have to confess I washed them in hot, not cold, and they still held up.   My tune has changed from the lackluster attitude when I first opened these up and they definitely won me over. Who cares if I have a little bit of a panty line, if they are super comfortable? I discovered I certainly don’t and I’m now grabbing these for workouts as soon as they go through the wash. Overall, a great pair of panties at a very fair price point. They fit well, stay in place, are comfortably snug and last.

Moving Comfort
Out-of-Sight Thong
Body: DriLayer® 74% nylon / 26% spandex.

Out of my first batch of panties, I thought these would be my favorite. They are very similar to what I normally wear, are made of a great material and don’t show everyone my underwear. I was a little surprised that these didn’t impress me. I love the material, it is soft and comfortable and there aren’t any seams to chafe.  They don’t show panty lines or hold onto smells that sometimes linger with workout gear. They sound dreamy. My only issue is they didn’t stay in place for me and I ended up with the dreaded front wedgie on more than one occasion. I probably need to order the next size up, but for whatever reason these travelled too much during runs.

These weren’t as functional as the bikini cut for me since they didn’t stay in place and, for me, that’s important. Overall, I loved the material, it was soft and absorbent and didn’t hold onto smells. I washed them in hot water and they came out just like new. I think with a proper size, I might get excited about these. Maybe another size would stay in place for me and that would make these a pretty much perfect panty. They are made from great material, are affordable and don’t show annoying lines. I might just try another size on my quest for the perfect functional underwear.

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