What Run Oregon is Wearing: Darn Tough running socks

Annette: I received a pair of Darn Tough Vertex Tab No Show Ultra-Light Cushion socks to test out. The first thing that caught my eye about these socks was the "Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee." What? Socks that have a lifetime guarantee? That is awesome! The guarantee says, "If you can wear these socks out, we'll replace them. Free of charge. No questions asked. For life. When you're really serious about something you make it yourself."  Wow! These socks must be Darn Tough!

When I put the socks on my first thought was, “These are nice socks!” They felt super comfy and fit snugly. I knew right away these socks were a win. I wore them several times on rainy days when my feet got wet. Even though my socks were wet, these socks kept my feet warm so that I didn’t even notice that they were wet until I took them off. That’s kind of a big deal when running in the Pacific Northwest! I have to admit, everytime I go for a run now, I am excited when these socks are clean and I can wear them again. They are definitely my new favorite socks.

Another thing I like about these socks is the Darn Tough logo across my toes. When getting ready to go for a run, it’s like a little dose of encouragement from my socks to get out there and run, because I’m “darn tough!”

You can purchase these socks through Amazon for about $16. While that may seem pricey for a pair of socks, if they come with a lifetime guarantee, I’d say that is definitely worth it. I will definitely be purchasing a few pairs of these!

Joe: Darn Tough socks boast of “all-weather comfort”, “legendary durability”, and “performance fit”, and after a few wearings of my test pair of 1/4 height, ultra-light Darn Tough running socks, I can attest that these claims seem to be true (of course it depends on your definition of “legendary”).

I’ve worn them in wet and dry conditions, and the temperature and breathability kept them very comfortable. Although I haven’t had them long, the construction and my initial impressions of wear suggest that they will last a reasonably long time. And while they are a little snug on my rugged size-11 feet, once they are pulled on and adjusted, they fit well, stay in place, and don’t bunch up. I even wore them as an inner layer under my soccer socks in an indoor game for a little extra cushioning, and they performed very well.

I like the proud Vermont heritage of this brand, and the unconditional lifetime guarantee. The Green Mountains logo on the heel is a nice touch too!

Teresa: As soon as I opened up my Darn Tough socks I was in love and snapped a picture to share with my Run Oregon Bloggers. I’m a sucker for Rosie the Riveter and the strength she symbolizes. With that being said, socks are a pretty big deal and a love for their packaging can only go so far. I tested the Coolmax Vertex Tab No Show Ultra Light and the only thing I wasn’t thrilled with was the color, neon yellow. Besides that, I loved this find. The tab keeps them in place and they didn’t bunch up during long runs, they are comfortable and didn’t cause any sort of blisters or hot spots on my feet and they live up to their name. Maybe I’m trying to squeeze my feet into socks that are too small, but I always end up with holes in the toes way too fast and I’m excited to find socks that don’t do that. I’m also excited these are made in the U.S.A. and offer a lifetime guarantee. That helps with the $16 price tag. Socks that last are better for the environment and I appreciate the synthetic blend with these since I try to limit merino wool. If you don’t like purchasing online, head out to REI and go feel them for yourself. Great socks at a fair price with fun packaging, so much to love.

Jessica: Love, love, love my Darn Tough socks! The pair I was able to take a spin in were the Vertex Tab no Show Ultra Light Cushion. They may be “ultra light”, but they boast a very fair amount of plush cushioning. The socks are substantial – not weight wise – but you can feel the quality workmanship in them. They are not ‘skimpy’ or ‘thin’ to the hand. I wore them mostly for racing in cold, dry conditions. They did not cause chafing or blisters, regardless of the distance (for the testing period, I ran 5k – 10k distances). I would not hesitate to use these as my racing socks for a half marathon to try them out (my feet love to blister). I’m a fan, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to my running peers.

Kelly: I’ve had Darn Tough socks before. I bought a pair about 10 years ago when I was in Bend and realized I’d forgotten to pack enough socks. The pair I had then did last a really, really long time. I lost one in the laundry somehow, though, so this tester pair was the only one I currently have. This pair held up fine while running with no hot spots and they did stay in place; but got a little pilly after a few washes. They also tend to be a magnet for cat hair and the like – just a little more static than I usually like with socks, but not nearly as bad as some brands I’ve tried. Unlike Teresa, I liked the lime-green/yellowish color which had a contrasting dark pink logo.

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