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Run_Oregon_LogoAs men, I feel we are often times subjected to poor quality and uncomfortable clothes because we (typically) dislike shopping and are just fine with whatever is cheapest or whatever our significant other buys for us. This may not be as true in the running community, where we realize that it is difficult to run enjoyable and successful races in gear that is uncomfortable. I personally go from wearing shirts and ties during the day, to running clothes in the evenings. In this latest "Like a Man" feature, I am focusing on loungewear clothing that you can put on after work, workouts, and/or races to keep you relaxed and comfortable in until your next wardrobe change.


Brand: Lounge County
Style: Robies
Cost: $86 for fully-lined and $76 for partially-lined
Specs: 100% Cotton Vintage Jersey Liner

We make lounge pants. They are excellent. Will they make the world a better place? Probably not. Will they help you achieve ultimate relaxation? Without a doubt.

Our lounge pants are ridiculously comfortable. But many pants are comfortable. To make a great lounge pant requires more than comfort. You need style. Style allows you to take your downtime on the couch or on the road. It also lets your significant other know you haven’t completely let yourself go…yet.


If you are anything like me, the best part about staying at a nice hotel or bed & breakfast is the fancy robes that grace the closets. There is just something relaxing about the feel of the material and the weight that keeps one cozy and comfortable. Shoot, if Hugh Hefner finds the robe as the apparel of choice, who can argue (kidding)! But part of the problem with robes, in my estimation, is that they just aren’t really all that practical. They are bulky, require you to make a clumsy know in front of you, and I generally feel like if I wore them for an extended period of time, I might as well have a pipe in my mouth and a folded newspaper under my arm while I wait for the milkman to come.

Robies, by Lounge County, are an amazing creation that I’m shocked I haven’t come across before. In a simplified (or maybe it’s just accurate) version, they are robe material in pants form. They can either be purchased fully-lined for warmth, or partial-lined for cooling down. I tried out the fully-lined version and immediately fell in love. They are perfect worm stormy winter evenings, and I have grown to start packing them and changing immediately post-race. They don’t look too out-of-place to wear in public (as some sweatpants have the habit of being), and their more baggy fit harkens back to robe wearing without all the pain and inconvenience. I loved these.


Brand: Jack Adams
Style: Yoga Short, Gym Tank, and Raw Edge 3.0 Fleece Pant
Cost: Approximately $44 for Yoga Short, $42 for Gym Tank, and $49 for Raw Edge 3.0 Fleece Pant (or $29 on the Jack Adams website)
Yoga Short = 100% Cotton
Gym Tank= 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester
Raw Edge 3.0 Fleece Pant = 100% Polyester
Description: Founded in 2010, Jack Adams is an underwear and activewear brand that’s defined by the man who wears it. We appeal to the athletic man with a masculine style – and a strong sense of style at that. We are one of the few brands that clearly acknowledge the confidence that can come from a fashionable, maybe even sexy pair of underwear. That’s why the quintessential Jack Adams man is self-assured, comfortable in his own skin, and even more comfortable in Jack Adams style.

Ask any devoutly athletic man what they look for in terms of underwear and athletic apparel, and they’ll more often than not claim the function and fashion need to go hand-in-hand for them. This is the exact mindset that comes into play with Jack Adams’ various products. Whether you wear them to the gym or during a typical off-day, our underwear is all about living the active lifestyle.


Jack Adams is based in Portland, so we are automatically intrigued about these products. While I am not 100% sure that these are solely limited (or classified) as loungewear, I am reviewing these as if they are. I was offered a good cross-section of both light and thicker loungewear.

The Yoga Shorts are indeed short (at least on my 6’2 frame), and are almost like a boxer. They are super comfortable and breathable – a solid option for, unsurprisingly, yoga. However, I would imagine that these would perfect for other outdoor activities – from a lightweight hiking option, to wearing to the pool or the lake. I already have dreams of putting these on after a summertime run. I have lounged around the house in these and also appreciated the comfort level.

While you could easily wear the Gym Tank on a run, I have found it a solid option for tossing on after a run when you just want to be free of anything tight or constricting. It is soft and really comfy. Tanks aren’t generally my style, but I don’t mind these in some situations.

The Raw Edge 3.0 Fleece Pant are capri length on me, and they are designed to be a 3/4 cut. Their polyester fabric looks almost like putting on a pair of sweatpants (which I am convinced I would wear everyday were it kosher to so so), but definitely an upgrade in substance. While capris aren’t really my jam, I made the exception for these. They are extemely soft and offer a heavier option for putting on post-race. They could also be used for a basic workout, but seem to fill their role nicely as a post-workout or lounge short. They are probably at their best during those chilly 50-55 degree days, where it’s too warm to wear pants, but not warm enough to just go straight shorts. In other words, it’s perfect for us here in the Pacific Northwest.


Brand: MyPakage
Style: Premium Sleepwear
Cost: $60
Specs: 95% modal / 5% spandex

Buttery soft and breathable, our new sleepwear is so comfortable you won’t want to get out of bed. Ever.


That short description above fits MyPakage sleepwear to a “T”. The fit is perfect and oh my – so dang soft. They are ridiculously comfortable and I seriously don’t want to take them off.

In doing some reasearch of the visuals of the pants, I learned that it is actually form of Cowichan knitting. Apparently the Cowichan people hail from southeastern Vancouver Island, BC and the pattern is reminiscent of their popular heavy-knit sweaters. It really is a solid look

There is generous room in the crotch area as they have a “Keyhole Technology”, a 3 dimensional pouch for support. This makes the front area a little bunchy, but definitely not enough to be that uncomfortable. As a result, I may recommend that these be worn alone or in front of those you are familiar with.

But overall, these are a great all-around lounge pant perfect for relaxing at home after a long run or post-race.

Brand: Mosmann
Style: Lounge Pants Noir
Cost: Approximately $47
Specs: 95% Modal, 5% Elastene

Perfect for weekend lounging, the Mosmann Lounge Pants are made from soft Modal, and have a comfortable, relaxed cut. 


This is yet another pair of loungewear that is super comfortable and one that I want to put on the minute I get home from a run.

Given their neutral color and lack of a defining pouch up front, these can be worn in a public setting without others batting an eye. The Large-sized pair had a lot of stretch to it and the elasticized cuffs at the bottom actually made it look partially like a pair of “joggers”. But while there was some stretch, it also didn’t suction to my legs like a pair of skinny jeans – it had a baggy and really enjoyable feel all the way around.

Mosmann also has women’s styles, as well as casual wearsocks and swimwear.

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