Kickstarter of the Week: Sentri – The Hoodie Reimagined

Product: Sentri Location: Portland, OR Kickstarter End Date: March 12, 2016 Current Pledge: Funded What two garments could be more "Pacific northwest" than a hoodie and a rain jacket? How about both in one - a waterproof garment that is just as effective as a rain jacket at keeping you dry, but with the casual comfort of a hooded sweatshirt? And what if the startup company that came up with this "Why hasn't anybody thought of this before?" product was based in Portland. That would be pretty cool, huh?

What is the Sentri Hoodie?

Sentri is an outdoor jacket in the body of a hoodie. A waterproof and windproof outer layer paired with a soft, fleece lining creates a warm and dry environment for the mountain, streets, and everything in between. No more choosing between a bulky rain jacket and a cool, comfy hoodie.

Why is Sentri better?

Technical hoodies on the market take a typical sweasthirt, spray it with water repellent, add a zipper or two, and end it there. Once the water repellent fades, the consumer is left no better off than they would have been in a regular hoodie.

With a polyurethane membrane utilizing micro-pore technology, our hoodies are made from a Waterproof, Windproof, AND Breathable fabric. This creates a garment built from the ground up to handle the elements while offering a soft, warm fit.”

Other features include a zippered front pocket, a hidden phone pocket with earphone hole, thumb holes in the sleeves, and a cinchable waistcord. A minimum bid of $99 will earn you a Sentri Hoodie of your size in black or ocean blue.

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