Apparel review: Vuori Men’s Elite Compression Leggings

I don't often wear running tights, but on a recent 31-degree morning, I got a chance to test some new Elite Compression Leggings from Encinitas, California apparel company Vuori, and I was glad I had them on. The first thing I noticed about the Elite tights was the excellent fit. The "V4" 4-way stretch fabric is pleasantly stretchy, but neither too baggy nor too tight. The tailoring and cut is great too. The wide ankle cuffs are snug and stay nicely in place, without being too constrictive. There is no drawstring at the waist, but, like the ankles, the wide elastic waistband fits very well, keeping the tights up and in place without being too tight. The tights kept my legs comfortably warm but were very breathable, and as my run went on, I had to remind myself a couple times that I had them on and that I needed to gather impressions of them for my review. As I've mentioned in other running clothes reviews, one of my main criterion for high-quality running garb is unobtrusiveness and comfort: The less noticeable and less intrusive, the better.

The Vuori Elite tights kept my legs warm and otherwise minded their own business, a joint function of the fabric, the design, and the fit. When I finished my run, everything was in exactly the same place as when I began. No slipping, bunching, or other movement.

The only extra feature of these no-frills tights is a small zippered pocket at the rear, just the right size for keys or a gel pack. A high-quality zipper with zipper garage keep things secure and out of the way until you need them. A reflective Vuori logo embellishes the back of the left ankle.

The only slight critique I have is the color. My pair is a dark gray camouflage print, which is relatively inconspicuous and innocuous. I’m just not sure what I’m trying to blend in with, or what I’m trying to hide from!

The Vuori Elite Compression Leggings sell for $68, and can be ordered directly from

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