Take OneLogFire on your next beach race or relay

image Full disclosure - OneLogFire isn't really a running product. When I first stumbled across this, it was before Christmas and I was looking for a unique gift for my brother, who is just getting into running. He is the kind of guy who will always show up to family gatherings with something off the wall or random, yet crazy awesome. One family reunion, he came with a Skip-It and we all had a blast.  He is planning on trying to get on a relay team this year, and I thought it would be awesome to get him something that 1) fit his personality and 2) would actually make some sort of sense to bring along to a run/relay. Enter OneLogFire.

While I’m not a relay aficionado (I just ran my first Hood to Coast last year), one thing I know is that there is plenty of downtime – especially in those long races with multiple vans. OneLogFire would have been the perfect little companion to gather around during the lulls and maybe roast up a marshmallow or two. And it’s completely chemical free, so there are no worries about what may be making their way onto those marshmallows – except deliciousness.

The makers of this utilize kiln dried logs that burn from the inside, making it very easy to light. Each log gives up to two hours burning, which makes it ideal for both heat and light without having to worry about a terrible mess afterwards. While it’s relatively heavy (it is wood after all), it’s completely portable and easy to slide into your car or even a bag if it’s big enough. Each log comes with its own handle so it’s really simple to take anywhere!

While picking up a few as Christmas gifts, I got to thinking about some great races where one of these would have come in handy. I thought about how it would be perfect in the campgrounds at the Silver Falls Marathon and also how amazing it would be to sit on the beach after the grueling Three Capes Relay and roast a few celebratory smores with your team. There are really so many great options for this. I know my brother was blown away (which is not easy to do), and he’s already planning out his relay “OneLogFire” meal plan as we speak. Success!

You can get a half-dozen for about $75 on Amazon or a single for about $13 (plus shipping) on their website.

OneLogFire from Run Oregon on Vimeo.

Thank you to OneLogFire for providing a post-Christmas sample pack for review.

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