Race Preview: 2016 Wurst 5k Run (Featured in Runner’s World)

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It's probably not too often that you get to run in a race that has been featured in Runner's World. Well, a simple way to do that is to attend the 4th annual Wurst 5k and 10k Run on Saturday, February 6. In the December 2015 issue, this small Mt. Angel event was featured as "Wurst Afterparty" (see picture for details). That's pretty cool!The 5k course and 10k course remain unchanged from previous years. I ran the 5k in 2013 and had this to say:

The race started and finished at the recently renovated Mt. Angel Festhalle. Registration was done inside the huge hall area, allowing for stretching in warmth and comfort. Although it wasn’t too chilly or rainy, this may be handy in future years. Speaking of weather, I’m not sure you could have asked for much better  in a February race. The temperature hovered around the mid-40’s, and although there were some small wind gusts (moreso when heading south), it was completely dry.

When we left the front of the Festhalle, the wide start area split into two sidewalks. While runners could choose either, it ended up causing a lot of congestion until the sidewalks hit the street. I’m sure this wasn’t a major issue for those quicker runners, but those intermediate-speed runners definitely had to slow up a bit.

Following this 1 minute stretch, the rest of the course was smooth sailing. The course looped back and forth in a figure-8 pattern on the way up, utilizing sidewalks and quiet city streets. Even with a 10am start, traffic was extremely quiet and a non-issue, even with streets being open. There were a few volunteers manning some minor intersections, but likely didn’t need to do much.

There were a few short gravel stretches, and one pretty good hill between the 1.5-2 mile mark. In fact, the first two miles were generally a gradual uphill climb (interspersed with some flat sections) to what was apparently the Traeger (yes, the BBQ) Warehouse parking lot, before the straight downhill mile to the finish.


Starting line of the Wurst 5k Run. The Festhalle, inside and out, is pretty incredible (and warm)!

This race is also kickoff for the Wurstfest, a German inspired party within the Mt. Angel Festhalle.  There will be live German music, 20 sausage varieties, German beers and more.

While the race is excellent, one of my favorite things are these post-race festivities. First and foremost, all runners receive a bierstien instead of a race shirt (shirts can be purchased for $11 DOR).  Additionally, runners receive free entry into the Wurstfest festivities. I kind of view it as a mini-Oktoberfest and is a wonderful cap to a wonderful race.

Wurst 5k Run (Mt. Angel)

When: 930a
Where: Mt. Angel Festhalle
Register: Online here or mail-in; $26 ; Tech shirts for $11

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