Initial Impressions on the Women’s Saucony Triumph ISO 2

Women's Triumph ISO 2 by Saucony

Women’s Triumph ISO 2 by Saucony

Run Oregon sometimes receives products to review. In this post, Run Oregon’s Jessica Mumme provides some initial impressions on a pair of Saucony Triumph ISO 2 shoes she received just before the holiday.

Having been a huge fan of the minimalist style running shoes for the last 2 or so years, I noticed a couple of months ago that being in my mid-30s and minimalist shoes were not a match made in heaven anymore. It was time for a divorce from my previous running shoes.

That is when the Saucony Triumph ISO 2 came strutting into my life like a knight on a white horse. As I opened the package, and open the shoe box lid, I noticed a beautiful specimen of running shoes before me. I received the blue/pink color, shown in the picture above, and it was stunning. Immediately, too, I noticed the immense about of cushion built into the upper of the shoe. The light blue areas, as can be seen in the picture, are absolutely stuffed with wonderful, soft smooth cushioning.

Saucony's Triumph ISO 2 Running shoe features plush cushioning.

Saucony’s Triumph ISO 2 Running shoe features plush cushioning.

After grabbing my beloved Balega running socks, I began the process of trying on these Runner’s World Editors Choice shoes for the very first time. Do you love trying on a pair of running shoes for the first time, and wondering if your feet will just sing with glee? I do. And, my feet did just that once I had laced up the ISO 2‘s. Holy cushioning.

The Saucony Triumph ISO 2 has received the coveted Runner’s World Editor’s Choice award.

The Saucony Triumph ISO 2 has received the coveted Runner’s World Editor’s Choice award.

As I do with all running shoes that I incorporate into my racing regimen, I wear them casually (not running) for about 8 hours. As it was New Year’s Eve (a quiet day at the office), I decided to take a casual dress day at my office job and wear the Saucony’s with a pair of jeans. And a race shirt, of course. I have a reputation for wearing race shirts to work.

In the elevator, I received two separate compliments on the new shoes! Who doesn’t love that? One from a guy, and one from a hip-20-something lady who is known for being super stylish.

As the day passed, I noticed the Saucony Triumph ISO 2‘s feeling like a part of me. The cushioning around the heel just melts to you, so it feels like second skin. Also, the ISO 2‘s have an impressive amount of cushioning underfoot, and instead of feeling like I was sinking into the shoe, and having to try harder to get my feet to turn over, I noticed that my foot glided over the hard concrete floors effortlessly. I wasn’t being pulled into the depths of an endless amount of ‘cush’ – it was just responsive support.

ISOFIT Technology by Saucony

ISOFIT: Ultra-soft inner sleeve crafted out of stretchable air mesh. Morphs to the foot for a sock-like feel. Floating support cage cradles the foot.

I treasured my 8 hour day at the office in the Triumph ISO 2‘s. After I get some decent mileage in running with the shoe, I’ll provide an update on how the Saucony’s perform both on the treadmill, and on the road. After my initial spin, I can confidently say I am delightfully impressed so far. Definitely head to your local running store and try on a pair to see if they are right for you, especially if you are a neutral/supinator runner like I am who needs some cushioning underfoot! More to come! Stay tuned.


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