Product Review: Gore Running Wear hat (Mythos 2.0) and gloves (Essential Windstopper)

To truly be a competitive runner in the Pacific Northwest takes a determination to get out there regardless of the weather. Although our weather is milder than say, North Dakota, it can still be less than pleasant at times. I have always had a pair of gloves and a beanie sitting in my running box that get plenty of use in the winter. I make do with basic cotton gear, and oddly enough, have been running with the same hat since high school, so it is at least 15 years old! So when the chance came to try this new windproof gear from Gore, I was curious.

Brian and hat.

It says a lot about the quality of this product when you consider that I have been in possession of it for a month and am just now getting a chance to review it. The hat and gloves work so well that is has actually not been cold enough to really enjoy them. The first run I did with them I took off the gloves after a mile because my hands were literally sweating.

The hat is amazing, and flawless. Dubbed the Mythos 2, I definitely got a chance to put it through its paces. Windproof and waterproof, it was definitely up to the elements around here. There were runs where I would finish, walking inside to feel water practically cascading off me, remove the hat, and find my hair dry. One of my favorite features to it is how the bottom is a little tighter and seals around the head to keep the cold air from rushing into the wearers’ ears. It retails around $30 on Amazon.

Gore Men’s Essential Soft Shell Windstopper Gloves

The gloves are of the same material, and as a testament to their efficiency, I didn’t get a chance to wear them as much due to the fact that they worked so well. My first run with them I removed them after a mile and a half as my hands actually started sweating. On a few longer runs in colder weather, they were perfect and I finished the workout without the usual numbness and pain in my fingers. They retail around $60 on Amazon – though they are currently aroud $50 on the Gore Webstore.

After years of dealing with basic cotton gear for my hands and head, Gore Running Gear really opened my eyes to what is available. The quality and unparalleled ability of this product to protect your extremities in the elements makes running outside a much more pleasant experience.



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