Product Review: Cadence Insoles

imageEver since my mild bout of Plantar Fasciitis a year or so again, I have been a loud supporter of insoles. I took them out a few months back, figuring I had some sort of "superfeet", and was instantly met with sore arches and sadness. Since that time, I have had the opportunity to try out a few insoles. The newest pair I am trying out is from Cadence Insoles


Designed by a Physical Therapist, Cadence insoles were developed out of a passion to create a high quality replacement insole that provides the elusive combination of semi-rigid orthotic support with the shock absorbing comfort of an insole. No gimmicks or crazy claims, just true support and real comfort.

imageOne of the main features of Cadence insoles is the soft heel portion as opposed to the rigid ones that makes up the entire length of most other insoles. It was initially odd to feel the softness in my heel (only because I hadn’t experienced this before), but that quickly subsided. When running, the semi-rigid nylon provided more than enough support and stability, while the heel was very comfortable. Despite the soft heel, I had no concerns about the protection qualities of the insoles as a whole. These felt a little thicker than some other of my insoles, but I still found it comfortable regardless.

As a pretty big heel striker, I do have a lot of shock directed at that part of my foot. Over the past few weeks, almost daily runs have yielded no issues at all, and I feel as though it the cushioned heel cup really worked wonders. I did have a little issue with the color bleeding onto my socks, though that really wasn’t a big deal to me.

Overall, I found this a great option for both running and everyday use (I have done both). I find insoles are tough to review, as obviously everyone has their own foot needs and runners can feel differently about them. I really think heel-strikers will love these, and even those who aren’t can definitely find a use if you are having foot issues. I also think those who aren’t afraid to add a little thickness and weight (weighs in around 2.3 ounces), in exchange for a flexible insole (instead of the really rigid ones), will really be sold.



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