Race Notification: 2016 Lucky Dog 5k, 10k, and 15k relay (DISCOUNT CODE)

Lucky Dog//

Saint Patricks Day may mean the ginormous Shamrock Run to most runners in the Portland area, but we know that the event isn’t for everybody. In general, there are minimal weekend running events aside from Shamrock, as they bring almost 40k people to downtown Portland. However, there one newer race on the scene that is offering up another less crowded option.

The Lucky Dog and is located in NW Portland and features a 5k, 10k,and a 15k 3-person relay. This is actually the second year, but is new and improved with the addition of the relay option. The race is put on by Double Dog Dare U Events who, in their fifth year have gained a great reputation for putting on quality races.

Registration opens on September 15th. Put in the code LUCKY the first ten days for a $5.00 discount. Lucky Dog will include a t-shirt and a medal (for every single person) in the price. For further info and to register go here.

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