Product Review: SLS3 FXC Compression Sleeves

Compression gear is all over the place and users have a number of reasons to sport the tight stuff. Some feel that it helps delay the onset of muscle fatigue, others feel that they prevent excessive muscle vibrations during long workouts and some just think they look cool. Whatever the reason, compression products are here to stay and I had an opportunity to test out the SLS3 FXC Compression Sleeves. These socks are suggested for runners, cyclists, walkers, triathletes and travelers.

SLS3 FXC Compression Sleeves

  • Maximize blood flow to legs
  • Increase oxygen delivery to working muscles
  • Help enhance muscular performance and stability
  • Help bodies eliminate lactic acid and other metabolic waste products
  • Assist in delaying the onset of fatigue
  • Reduce muscle vibration
  • Help minimize soft tissue damage
  • Cooling effect and UV protection
  • Seamless TekWeb technology
  • 20–30 mmHG of graduated compression
  • Recommended for runners, cyclists, walkers, triathletes, skiers, and travelers.

I’ve tried a number of compression socks and I like the tight feeling around my calves. What I don’t like is how long they take to get on. I’ve often triggered a cramp in my foot or calf while trying to get on compression socks. Based on your calf/foot measurement, these are much more user friendly without sacrificing the compression. With a wider top to slide your foot into, it’s so much easier and faster to work these up the leg. They fit snug and you still have the same benefits of traditional compression socks through the calves. They offer a variety of colors with options ranging from basic black to bright yellow. Even better, they hold their shape with workouts AND washing. While my mileage has been relatively low, these haven’t stretched out, snagged or gotten runs like other compression socks I’ve worn.

Like most people, I’m more likely to use something if it’s convenient and these are a whole lot easier to use than traditional compression socks. If you like to keep the area below your knee and above your ankle snug and secure, compression sleeves are a good option. SLS3 offers a variety of compression products if you are looking for more than just calf sleeves. They offer full length socks, compression shorts, triathlon tops and racing suits, all gear is tested and comes with a satisfaction guarantee and with free shipping for purchases $50 and over. If you are looking for affordable compression gear in an assortment of colors for your run, ride or hike, check out SLS3.

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