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Keeping fit is essential for millions worldwide. It's good for your body and mind. Any activity, including running, can lighten your wallet as well as the pounds.

If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing right. There's no benefit from going for your morning run wearing flip-flops, a Christmas sweater and some old baggy jeans- even if it is cold enough to see your breath. Proper running gear allows you to improve and excel. Ask anyone partaking in any sport, you can't bake the cake without the right ingredients.

For those in need of new equipment, or hoping to start a new hobby, SubSports have a $75 giveaway for anything on their online store. A lucky winner shop with confidence, knowing all products are heavily researched and designed in order to deliver peak performance and comfort.

Running is a year-round activity, but good weather isn’t. Ready for a bitter chill, there are thermal base layers available for men and women. Not just serving as a freeze fighter, compression base layers reduce lactic acid build up in your muscles. This results in a quicker recovery rate and a reduction in potential damage to your body. A healthier body results in an increase in runner performance.

Find yourself in warmer climates? Keep cool with the sleeveless look. Available in a variety of colours, the garment evaporates sweat while you exercise in order to keep it lightweight. Of course, this also prevents discomfort during use.

There are also products prepared for a weather shift. Dual Leggings regulate body temperature no matter what the external conditions. For someone without $75 free shopping, they could act as a nice money saver for the runner on a budget- though that’s not to say they’re budget quality!

Of course, keeping active is not exclusive to adults. Parents keen to encourage their child’s passion, or enjoying extra family time in the outdoors, would be interested in products for the younger athlete. Age should act as no boundary for correct equipment and access to the best kit encourages lifelong investment in pursuits.

Whether in the hot or cold, base layers seek to reduce moisture from your body, keeping you light on your feet and comfortable in the fabric on your skin. Reasons like this make them a logical decision for everyone- from the professional athlete to the casual jogger. All products from SubSports offer compression technology, ensuring the wearer is safer from injury.

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