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Everyone knows that there are a variety of apps out there for tracking your runs. Each offer different features for athletes with a variety of specs, details, and sometimes gobbledygook. Tracking your running data is great, but it can be a little overwhelming at times. I have crossed over to try different apps over time, and have quickly deleted because of the sheer number of settings, pages, and features that were confusing or that I just didn’t want.  Vima is a new running app that has a pretty straightforward and minimalistic aura about it. I mean just look at the start-up screen:

There is a record button to get your run started, a history button to glance back at previous runs, and a GPS signal meter. Just hit record and be on your way. And even when you start running, things stay simple. image
But just because the app is sleek and simple, doesn’t mean that there aren’t in-depth features as well:

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  • Realtime and post-run stats and a map of your run, color coded by speed
  • Voice Feedback at set time or distance intervals so you don’t have to look at the screen
  • Pause and resume button
  • Share on Facebook, Twitter, or email
  • Connect with Apple or Pebble watches to see your stats on your wrist in realtime
  • Split Times
  • Calories
Apple Watch Features:
  • Start tracking from your wrist without getting your phone out
  • Realtime stats including time,distance,speed,and pace
  • Pause and resume
  • Save the run

I have used the app over my past few runs and have enjoyed it. I’m not one to look at my phone while I’m running, so the simplistic style didn’t bother me. I found the summary page to be more aesthetically pleasing than my current app and actually had a few more details visibly present that I really liked (Average and Max Speed), as well as an elevation chart that seemed to be more understandable and accurate than my other tracking app.

unnamed (2)One feature that I didn’t find was automatic pausing. In my other tracking app, it senses when I have stopped (at a stoplight for example) and pauses my run accordingly. It then automatically starts up again when I move. This is something that I have obviously become accustomed to and was something that I didn’t realize I missed until it wasn’t there anymore. I could pause by hand no problem (and it’s really not expending that much energy to do so), but this feature would be great in a future update.

Currently the app is free, which will let you save your 10 most recent runs. For $4.99/year, you will get premium features (ad-free, voice feedback, unlimited saved runs, colored pace maps) that the free version doesn’t have. While an associated cost is a necessity to get this app off the ground, and less than $.50/mo is more than reasonable, with all of the other free running apps out there this may need to be something that changes in the future to stay competitive. Right now, you can try out the premium version free for 10 days.

Overall, this seems to be a solid venture into the run tracking realm. Sometimes people are tied to their “tried-and-true” apps, but this one offers the most simple “plug-and-play” set-up I have seen. That is something I, and I’m sure a ton of other like-minded runners, can definitely appreciate.

Vima has Bike Tracker and Walk Tracker apps as well.

Download on the iTunes Store

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