Portland Marathon Clinic Training Run for August 8, 2015

Eight aid stations. 20 miles. This week's PMC run is an amazing route - it's the Portland Marathon course, primarily; just a few sections are slightly different for safety reasons. (Trust me, you don't want to be running down the middle of Interstate when the road isn't closed.)

If you are running the Portland Marathon and are trained for 20 miles, you should definitely check this run out. Even if you have not attended any other PMC runs this year, if you’re at the right place in your marathon plan, they’d love you to join them.

The reason this is such an important run is because it’s a preview of the course. Your pacers have a lot of marathon experience, many of them right there on the Portland course, and they can answer questions, give you tips, and help you become familiar with the route so you are mentally prepared on race day.

When: Saturday, August 8, 2015

Where: SW 4th & Main

Note: Street meters in this area are generally short-term (2 hours or less). There will be ample parking in one of the three Smart Park garages located within a few blocks of the meeting place.

What time: The run starts at 8a. Be there no later than 7:40, allowing time to find parking

Bring: Your own nutrition and hydration – by now, you should be running with the food & drink you plan to bring on the course. Try to wear as much of your race-day gear as possible, too – even down to the socks.


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