Here’s a Subtle Hint…Check out the 2015 Swim Across Suttle

Suttle Lake

One race that I didn't participate in, but was able to witness last year, was the Swim Across Suttle. This swim only event, held on Sunday, August 23, 2015  is perfect for those training for late-Summer or early-Fall triathlons, but can also be just a great day at a beautiful lake. I provided support for my brother-in-laws who were training for the Leadman Triathlon, by driving them out to Suttle Lake and then following them home as they biked the 100+ miles back to the valley. The Swim Across Suttle is so awesome, that it made me wanna get back in the pool right away! Here are some highlights from the experience last year:

Stepping into the water just before the start of the event, I was greeted by a sandy and slightly muddy bottom.  The water was refreshing but pleasant, not uncomfortable at all…When the countdown was over I put my head down and tried to get into my rhythm; with only 55 people in the water it was definitely not overcrowded and I only made contact with two other swimmers at the start.  Large yellow buoys marking the direct path and small orange buoys marking the shoreline and fallen trees that jutted out were more than adequate in keeping me on course along the way…The post-race featured a bunch of Great Harvest treats – from bread to cookies and everything in between, and featured coolers of water and some coffee or hot chocolate for the taking.

This event comes highly recommended by Run Oregon. In fact, all Sisters Multi Sport events that Run Oregon has participated in have been solid. It makes for a great training swim, complete with great scenery, atmosphere, and top-notch support. You can’t ask for much better then that!

Check out the course map of the 1.3 mile distance. Last year’s event saw 54 finishers in 24 different groups – not only for ages, but also for wetsuits vs. no wetsuits. You really never know what the weather is going to be like, but last year’s event started off chilly before the sun quickly warmed things up.

Swim Across Suttle (Suttle Lake)
When: 8a
Where: Suttle Lake Boat Launch (nearest to Highway 20)
Register: Online here; $20

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