Kickstarter of the Week: Lily Trotters – Sassy and Sporty Designer Compression Socks

Company: Lily Trotters
Location: Baltimore, MD
Website: Kickstarter and Facebook
Pledge: $29,693 of $20,000 (WILL BE FUNDED)
Campaign End Date: August 13, 2015

We here at Run Oregon are blessed to have some stylish, girly, and downright athletic female bloggers writing for us. They love their make-up and wardrobes as much as running a triathlon or hitting the streets for a training run. Lily Trotters compression socks are our newest featured Kickstarter of the Week campaign and they cater to women who like a little style with their athletic lifestyle. They are billed as “a compression sock you wear to run a mile or a marathon [that] can also get you through you’re busy day-to-day.”

From the campaign:

It is time for women to expect more out of their compression socks. It’s time for women to have choices  beyond thick, hard-to-get-on athletic socks and plain and boring medical socks. It’s time for a brand new perspective on compression socks. It’s time for Lily Trotters.

After three years of preparation, our debut line of Lily Trotters compression socks are ready to be knit for you! Socks that are both beautiful and functional. Socks that make you both look great and feel great. Socks that are made to run a marathon or get you through a marathon day. We are so excited to bring Lily Trotters to market — our socks are truly unlike any other compression socks out there.

What Sets Lily Trotters Apart?

  • Designs that are feminine and fashion-foward — adorable with your cutest running shorts but smart-looking with a skirt or slacks, too.
  • A proprietary weave that makes Lily Trotters uncharacteristically easy to get on and off.
  • Just the right squeeze — so that unlike other compression socks, you can comfortably wear Lily Trotters for hours on end.
  • Thin, sturdy, moisture-wicking knit that fits inside dress shoes as easily as sneakers.

There are currently 5 designs to choose from. They can also create custom socks, which could be something awesome for a running club or race. You can get a pair for $37, two for $73, or three for $109. Expect shipment just in time for the colder running season in October.

Our very own Teresa had the ability to try some out:

Compression socks have been in the media a lot lately and while I’m not sold on their performance benefits, I can see where they might be a good recovery tool. Every body is different and what works for one person, might not work for the next. I have a girlfriend who swears by her compression socks, she feels that they give her added support for longer runs and her muscles don’t have as much jarring. I’ve worn compression socks for longer runs and haven’t really noticed a difference, but I decided to give the Lily Trotters a test after a 112 mile bike followed with a very hilly marathon, the most my legs have done.

I had to volunteer on my feet all day at a triathlon, so I figured it was the perfect opportunity to put these compression socks to the test. Delayed onset muscle soreness hadn’t set in from my triathlon and I crossed my fingers to keep it that way. First off, these socks are FUN. The prints are bold and cute, but not juvenile cutesy. Their sock series includes polka dots, sassy bows, kisses (XXXX), hearts and lotus flowers. They all sound completely girly, but they are definitely grown-up versions of popular  themes. The do offer custom designs for teams, too, but I tested out the polka dots.

One reason I rarely use compression socks is that they are too much work to get on. By time I get my toes to the end of the sock, my calves start cramping up, which defeats the purpose.  I didn’t have that problem with these. I was pleasantly surprised with how fast and easy these went on. I didn’t have to spend 10 minutes inching them up my foot and calf. Just because they went on easy, doesn’t mean they weren’t tight. These were snug and did the job, keeping the lower portion of my legs compressed. They weren’t so tight that I lost circulation and I love the feeling of tight socks on my calves.

Compression socks, in general, have come a long way from the traditional pharmaceutical stockings that have been around forever. Some have fun colors and others are just sleeves, but I’ve never seen compression socks that are actually trendy until Lily Trotters. I received so many compliments while I was volunteering at the triathlon. No one had any idea they were compression socks, they just thought the design was fun. Black socks with green and pink dots and a mini-ruffle around the top, these are cute enough to wear any time and the compliments proved that.

On my feet all day long after a long course triathlon was a perfect opportunity to put these socks to the test. I’m excited to report that my legs weren’t fatigued, I never got sore and my recovery was minimal. Obviously, I have no idea if it was the socks or not, but they definitely didn’t hurt and I will continue to use them with recovery. My mileage has been relatively minimal during my recovery, so I don’t have any long runs to report, but they did get me through a couple of 6 mile runs. They fit in several pairs of my running shoes and I haven’t had any issues with numbness, which is often a problem for me.

Lily Trotters set out to make compression socks that were fun and feminine and they have definitely succeeded. These socks can be worn with running skirts, shorts and there are styles that could go to work with a skirt or slacks. The fabric is thin, wicks away moisture and you’ll forget you’re wearing them, until someone compliments your socks.

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