Race Preview: 2015 Catherine Creek Classic Half, 5k, and mile

The Catherine Creek Classic Half Marathon, 5k, and one miler on August 1st in Union, Oregon looks like it will be an amazing event. I wish I lived closer or could make the trip but I have other commitments. I absolutely love what I’ve read about the course. I will sum it up with three words: downhill, downhill and downhill. Have I mentioned I like downhill? Well, to be honest I love downhill but my knee hasn’t been liking it lately, but that’s another story.

This is a point to point course. The Catherine Creek Classic offers a one mile race, a 5k race and a half marathon. All races require you to take a bus to their starting places.The event finishes at Union High School.

All of us love for our race entries to go to charity and all proceeds for the event benefits the Union High School Bobcats cross-country team.

This course, and the whole area actually, are very scenic.

Union is about 5 hours east of Portland on I-84. So, if you are doing this race, you will definitely want to plan on leaving the night before. In fact, why not make it a weekend and explore the beautiful area?

As far as the route goes, you will run on the Medical Spring Highway (Rt. 203) the entire time. There will be aid stations every three miles and you will start the race at approximately 3750 ft elevation and end  the race at 2750 ft. The race starts off with an aggressive downhill for the first two miles and at mile 2.5, the course almost flattens out. The entire time, you will be going downhill. Click here for a map of the half marathon course.

You will be running on winding roads through farms and forest, my favorite kind of event for shorter races. For longer races I like course support, yelling and crazy signs. But this event will give you a sense of peace all the way and you can’t beat that. Also, with the downhill course you just might set a personal record, and who doesn’t want that?

Another great thing about this event is that registration is only $20.00! Pretty amazing.

What: Catherine Creek Classic Mile, 5k and Half Marathon

When: Saturday, August 1, 2015

What time: The bus for the half marathon leaves at 7:20a; the bus for the 5k and mile leave at 8:35a. The bus leaves from the finish line at Union High School.

Where: Union High School in Union, Ore.

Register: Through July 31st online $15.00 . DOR starting at 7a for $20 or online before 5p on

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