Race Preview: 2015 Cascade Lakes Relay (Sold Out, but read on for CLR24 info!)- Bend, OR

Now in their 8th year, the race organizers of the Cascade Lakes Relay (CLR) know how to throw a party...and organize a great relay. Dubbed as the "daddy of all relays", CLR has grown over the years to become more than just a challenging relay, it is definitely the kind of relay you might do once and then never do relays again...because you might quit running after this one!   Seriously though, CLR is still the 2nd longest relay in the US (6 miles shorter than the Capital to Coast Relay in Texas) but is considered the hardest relay given its distance...just ask the runners who have to tackle leg 5. However, while that might sound daunting, consider that this relay has two time trial legs and one costume contest leg, not to mention a plethora of beer legs that make CLR truly one of the greatest relays ever!

Race organizers Scott and Carrie (who also do the Bend Beer Chase and Spokane to Sandpoint relays) are getting to be old pros and their experience is showing both in the running communities and the race courses themselves. If you are lucky enough to already be on a team, then great. If not, check out this page for a way to add your name to a team in need. If you make it, you’ll understand why they call it the “daddy of all relays”…


What: Cascade Lakes Relay – From Diamond Lake to Bend, OR (by way of some very rural areas)

When: 7/31-8/1

Cost: Cascade Lakes Relay Pricing: Running team (7-12 runners) – $1600; Walking team (7-12 walkers) – $1200; High school team – $300

Ultra team (4-6 runners) – $960

Register: The 2015 event sold out in a matter of hours once again! But good news… there is a new opportunity to participate by registering for CLR24!

CLR24 will consist of teams of 7-12 runners that start from Silver Lake (exchange point 12) on Friday, July 31st and your team will complete the final 24 legs of the CLR course only. Teams will start between 2pm-4pm on Friday with an approximate finish time between 9:30am-1:00pm on Saturday, August 1st.

CLR24 will be a relay within a relay and will allow additional teams to participate without increasing congestion, while filling in a large gap of time on Saturday morning between 9am-1pm, when less than 10 teams have historically crossed the finish line from the original CLR race.

By participating in CLR24, your team will still get to experience the best relay in the Pacific NW and even get to the beer garden sooner. Run less miles and arrive at the Beer Garden early? Yep. Register here.

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