Race Preview: 2015 Timberline Mountain Run

Mount Hood is an icon in the region, holding it's place in the horizon like a reminder that we are in Oregon. Even prettier close up, it is surrounded by a nature area complete with runner friendly trails. If a mountain run at elevation is your cup of tea, make sure to check out the Timberline Mountain Run, scheduled for August 2nd. You will probably feel this one in the morning, as they state it traverses 3900 feet of elevation change, flat and fast this is not.

It is a 7 mile course, and you can register for $35 at the link above. Expect lots of hills (of course) and rough ground. The Wy’East Day Lodge is the official start/finish area, the race begins at 10 am, while day of event registration will open at 8:30. It is a big loop at about 5000 ft in elevation and contains two aid stations.

This event is part of the Mountain Running Team Championships, so get your friends together. There is no cap on team size, and the scoring is weighted towards having a bigger team! Teams must have at least two people, of course, and one woman. Other than that, it is open!

So here we have trails, team racing, an amazing view and hot dogs at the finish. Racing doesn’t get much better than that! The key will be to remember moderation in pace and effort in respect to the elevation and terrain. August 2nd is less than a month away now, so it will be a good time to strap on those trail shoes and get a little training in off the road in preparation! The fun begins at 10 am and goes for at least 7 miles, the time dependent upon your pace.

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