An Update on the Andiethon

A little over a month ago, I previewed the Andiethon, a virtual 5K race put together by Uberthons to benefit local runner Andie Proskus. (Read Andie’s profile page here; also read Teresa Wymetalek’s write-up of Andie and the muscular disease that afflicts her.) The goal of the virtual race is to raise enough money to purchase a Hoyt Running Chair so that Andie can continue to enjoy racing. Of the $20 race fee*, $5 goes toward a specially designed race medal (which can be picked up at the Freedomthon, or shipped at your cost), and the rest goes toward the racing chair.

Note that the price will go up after June 10!

The virtual race started May 1 and continues through June 30. As of June 8, the race period is a little more than 60% over, and there have been 93 registrants from Florida, Massachusetts, Washington, and many states in between, including of course Oregon. Between race fees and additional donations, the Andiethon has so far raised just shy of $2300, which is 48% of the cost of the Hoyt Running Chair.

You know who’s not one of those 93 people? Me – I haven’t gotten around to registering yet, but I’m going to. If you are a procrastinator like me, that’s actually a good thing, because it means there are more of us left to sign up for this race!

Register online here for the Andiethon virtual 5K.

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