Aroo! Who wants to win an entry to any 2015 Spartan Race? (GIVEAWAY)

Now that the heat is starting to come on with more frequency here in the Pacific Northwest, that means one thing – Spartan season!  While there are a myriad of Spartan Races across the country, there are at least three here within close proximity. From Boise in June (which Annette previewed here), to Breckenridge and Seattle, to the Pacific NW competition in Washougal, there are plenty of opportunities to compete. And now, you have the opportunity to win a free entry to a race of your choice! Read on for info!

The Pacific NW version was recapped for us last year and here are some highlights:

…just to get into the starting chute you had to climb over a 5 foot wall. The race started on a trail that went uphill for approximately ½ to ¾ of a mile. Luckily it was mostly shaded so you didn’t feel too much of the heat right away. Not knowing exactly what was in store we decided to do a slow jog to conserve energy for the actual obstacles which turned out to be a very good strategy.

The first few obstacles were basic climbs over walls at varying heights and then they started to get harder. The other racers  were eager to help each other by offering a hand or a knee to get over the walls. The chemistry was immediate and you quickly got the “no man left behind” feel. Next were the strength challenges which included everything from climbing cargo nets, flipping tractor tires, traversing a wall sideways, carrying buckets of rocks for a quarter mile loop, carrying around sand bags, as well as dragging a cement block attached to a chain up and around a hill. The nice thing was that some of the obstacles offered lighter versions of the obstacles for women which I took full advantage of. The course was moderately challenging due to the rolling hills but was well marked with red arrows…

…next was the slip and slide, which was the highlight of the race. I was totally terrified as I flew down the slide full speed, but it was also the most exhilarating. Towards the end there was one more mud climb that seem to go on forever ALL UP HILL! My hands were raw and knees felt pretty beat up at this point plus I was pretty exhausted which became more of a mental battle to figure out how to get up this muddy hill to finish my race. I eventually grunted, gripped and rolled my body up to the top and I was pretty sure I shed a tear or two. The course ends with a knotted rope climb above a muddy pit of water. Since I have very little upper body strength I opted out and did thirty burpees willingly…

…In conclusion, I would have to say Spartan Sprint was one of the hardest, yet most exhilarating races I’ve ever done. In my opinion, the average Jane or Joe can safely complete the race, but must possess a basic to intermediate level of fitness to complete the majority of obstacles.

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