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Race Preview: Elijah Bristow 24 Hour Run (near Eugene)

Elijah Bristow 24hr Run

The Elijah Bristow Twenty-Four Hour Run is just what it sounds like: You will spend 24 hours running on a loop trail in Elijah Bristow State Park near Eugene, and you try to get as many miles covered during that time as you safely can. The race starts at 9am on Saturday, June 13th. The course is a 1.05 mile loop, mostly on rolling trails with 150 yards of pavement. The track is wide enough to run two abreast, which will be helpful through the night (after 9pm) when pacing is allowed. Course marshals will count your laps and record times at benchmark distances (50k, 50mi, 100k, 100mi) and at the finish.

Every participant is invited to bring his/her own support crew. The support team will stay at the support area, food and first aid will also be available throughout the day. Prepare for all kinds of weather, as temperatures can range from the high 70s during the day to the low 40s during the night. Awards will be given at 9am on Sunday while runners will eat their post-race breakfast.

For up to date information and to find out more, follow the event on Facebook.

Elijah Bristow 24hr Run Details:
When: June 13, 2015; 9am start
Where: Elijah Bristow State Park (15 miles east of Eugene)
What: 24hr, 12hr, or 6hr run.
Registration: Online here
Registration cost: $150 (24hr), $100 (12hr), $80 (6hr)
Registration includes: chip timed endurance race, event tshirt, food, awards

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