Race Preview: 2015 Eastern Oregon Half Marathon – Spray, Oregon

Have you ever wanted to run one of those “destination races”? Now is your chance! Where is Spray? Spray is a little town due east of nowhere and just south of who knows. Getting there requires a little bit of advanced planning to determine your best route (roughly 4 hours from Portland), but once you’re there, it is a beautiful area. The Eastern Oregon Half is the longest running half marathon in the state and this marks year 51. Of course, the first year wasn’t really a half marathon, you just had to outrun the local steer (OK, that last part isn’t true).

The John Day River runs right through town.

The race takes place over Memorial Day Weekend, along with Spray Rodeo, which is a very big deal for this little town. Everyone comes out for these events which makes them a lot of fun. Following the race, the school opens up the locker rooms so runners can shower if they choose, then the pancake breakfast kicks off! For more information about the race weekend, check out the Facebook page for updates. You also find great information about the rodeo on the official site here. To catch a glimpse of what the run will be like, check out this picture…

The course is actually fairly flat and follows the river from the west of town, ending in Spray. More information about the specifics of the race are on the marathon page for the Spray Rodeo. One bit of advice though, go prepared for the heat and bring hydration. Oh, and you might want to run in your cowboy boots.

When: Saturday, May 23rd

Cost/Register: $33.00 (including sign up fee). Add $5 if you want a shirt. Registration


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