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Race Preview: Vernonia Marathon and Half Marathon April 12 2015

The Oregon Road Runners Club is known for putting on well organized, low key and yet awesome events.  The Vernonia Marathon and Half Marathon, which will be held Sunday April 12 will be no exception. These ORRC club volunteer RD’s are all passionate and dedicated runners themselves so they know everything that needs to be in place to create a memorable event.

I am disappointed that I will not be able to run it this year, as I have an obligation that I can’t get out of (well and I’m not exactly in shape for it either) but it’s on next years list.). My husband ran it last year and had nothing but great things to say. I had the opportunity to be a spectator and watch all the runners run by one of the aid stations. If I remember correctly it was a beautiful day, not too cool and not too warm. I hope it will be that way again.

The two distances are held mostly on the Banks-to-Vernonia State Trail. I “borrowed” this description of the trail from the Oregon State Parks and Rec website because they described it better than I could:

The Banks-Vernonia Trail, a a multi-use trail paved over a decades-old train bed, allows the walker, jogger, biker or mounted rider the chance to catch a whiff of Oregon history  while delighting in the forest’s renewed splendor. 21 miles of tree-lined easy-grade pathway conducts through sun- dappled glades and across swift ,clear streams, filling your nose with wildflower scents and your ears with the songs of birds. 12 old bridges, wooden trestles rise up to acquaint you with days of the past. And at a mere 26 miles west of Portland, all this peaceful, quiet, natural beauty awaits you right down the road.

Side note and disclaimer: (I noticed the website mentioned 12 bridges. As the Co-RD of the Twelve Bridges Relay utilizing the same trail, I must have missed a bridge. Oops!) Doesn’t 12 Bridges have more of a ring to it? But … I digress. No matter, it’s still a great trail for whether you are doing an organized event or just out for a Sunday afternoon bike ride with the family.

For those who had the pleasure of running this event last year, please note there have been some changes made for 2015: The half marathon will start inside Stub Stewart State Park and cover the bottom half of the trail, finishing on the BHS tracks as the marathon does.  There will be an additional aid station at the Banks Trail head (Mile 25/12).

The marathon starts at the Cedar Ridge Retreat Center in Vernonia and goes around the lake, proceeds on to the trail and finishes at Banks High School. According to the description on the website the course is predominately flat but do expect a gradual uphill from miles nine to thirteen. There will be downhill from miles fourteen through twenty-one(downhill, my favorite,) then flat to the finish.

What: ORRC Vernonia Marathon and Half Marathon

When: April 12, 2015

Start Times: 8:00 a.m. for the Marathon and 9:00 a.m. for the Half

Where:  Marathon: Cedar Ridge Retreat Center in Vernonia, Oregon

Half Marathon: L.L. Stub Stewart State Park

Register: Online here 

ORRC Member $60, Non-ORRC Member $65.

ORRC Member $27, Non-ORRC Member $32.

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I have been living, running and working in this area for sixteen years. Along with family, running is my greatest passion and I love to write about it. When not doing those things I also organize running events.

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