Race Preview: 2015 Goat Mountain Gallop

photo taken from Uberthons website

Lately, it seems that there's a lot of excitement when a race announces its course is flat and fast. However, if the little road warrior in you is craving some good ol' fashion mountain hills, then you don't want to miss the Goat Mountain Gallop Half Marathon in Molalla, Oregon! The 32nd Annual Goat Mountain Gallop has been a tradition in these parts for...well, 32 years. Don't let her age fool you into thinking she's a worn out race. This challenging course is interwoven into the natural beauty of her landscape, and as your journey takes you over paved, lightly traveled country roads, take a moment to reflect on the tranquility of your ancient surroundings.

Whether you’re participating as a runner or a walker (yes, they offer a walking half marathon!), everyone will meet in the city of Molalla, where a lovely bus will give you a lift to the start line. If you’re a walker, make sure to arrive in time to catch the 7:15 am bus, as your race time will start promptly at 8 am. The staggered race start times makes it possible to enjoy your race without having the course packed and slow from the start. The last bus leaves Molalla High School at 8:15 am, so don’t be late!

There IS a course time limit of 3.5 hours for runners and 4.5 hours for walkers (not the zombie kind), so pace yourself to get to the finish early!

Photo taken from Uberthons website

Now, let’s talk hills. The start elevation is at the 394 ft. mark, and at the height of the course you’ll climb up to 874 ft. To some of you newer runners, those numbers may seem very intimidating, but it’s really not that bad (that’s the personal opinion of this blogger and in no way represents the opinions of the Run Oregon community LOL!). There’s good news, however, as there’s an overall elevation loss from the start in Colton to the finish in Molalla. How often do you have the opportunity to run DOWNHILL to a finish line? This could be your Prefontaine moment!

If all of the above hasn’t convinced you to sign up for this amazing race, perhaps the fact that your race fees supports the Molalla High School Track, Field, and Cross Country teams. Help these inspiring youths continue to love running as much as you do!

Date: Saturday, April 11, 2015

Location: 357 Frances St. Molalla, Ore.

Cost: Online here; $45 w/shirt, $35 without shirt. (after 4/5/15): add $5 to registration fees

Half Walk start: 8 am

Half Run Start: 9am

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