Race preview: 2015 Horse Butte 10 miler in Bend

Trail races are kind of a big deal around here and are only getting more popular. One of the first trail races of the season, the Horse Butte 10 miler, is coming up soon on the eastside of Bend and the course alone is enough of a reason to do it. I've run the loop both ways and the uphill section really makes you think about how you prepare for a 10 mile trail race where the first 5 miles see a nearly 500 ft elevation gain!

The Horse Butte 10 miler is another super awesome race put on by the team over at Superfit. The race tends to draw a fairly fast crowd and is limited to 200 entries. However, I have learned from experience that just because a race says it is sold out doesn’t mean everyone shows up. Of course, then there’s this guy…

Max King running the race last year in jeans.

If you don’t feel like running this race in jeans I will totally understand, especially given the technical aspect of the course near the end. Most of the race is glorious singletrack and the scenery is amazing. Most of the race you will have opportunities to enjoy your surroudings as you scamper up and then down the course. Once you finish, you really need to stick around for the BBQ and enjoy an Oregon Country Beef hot dog.

If you attempt to sign up and it’s sold out, call me, I’ll meet you there…without jeans.

What: Horse Butte 10 miler trail race

When: Saturday, April 4th at 9am

Cost/Register: $35 ($40 after 3/22). Go here to register.

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