Kickstarter of the Week Revisited: Y Athletics SilverAir shirts (and Discount Code!)

image The Silver Air shirt from Y Athletics was one of our first Kickstarter of the Week posts on our old housing site. We also did a product review of their first batch of shirts back in March of 2014. Below are excerpts from those posts, followed by a  review of some shirts that I just recently received. Y Athletics' Kickstarter for their SilverAir Odorless Athletic shirt wrapped up their campaign way back in December 2013. They blew by their $35,000 goal with over $250,000 in backing money. We checked back in with them to see what they have been up to. Here is a reminder of the initial write-up:

Company: Y Athletics is a young company who is aiming to keep things simple. They desire to design clothing with a combination of  quality, functionality, and style using the most cutting edge technologies. And in keeping with the theme of elegant simplicity, the company strives to decrease “compromise” on variety in favor of perfecting a few essentials. They state they will be producing just one amazing product per category so the consumer is not overwhelmed by too many.

Gear: When I stumbled upon the SilverAir Odorless Athletic Shirt by Y Athletics, I was intrigued. These unique shirts are made of actual silver! While the shirt won’t stop me from smelling (if someone designs that product, let me know ASAP), it is said to maintain its clean and fresh smelling ways despite my body’s best effort to funk it up. The shirt is moisture-wicking and the silver in the shirts fights the bacteria that accumulates. There is some actual science behind this (something about Eccrine and Appocrine), but that is probably best left to smarter people to describe.

I lamented in my March 2014 review that both me and my wife are not huge fans of the amount of dirty clothes I go through in a week. Mine goes beyond the volume, but just the fact that my workout gear gets that sour sweat stench that necessitates boxing it up and tossing it in the attic or just throwing it away. The great thing about the SilverAir shirts is that their construction (95% nylon and 5% metallic), is that the silver neutralizes that smell that we hate. Their website lays out these features as well:

  • Ultra soft, breathable, and moisture wicking fabric
  • Seamless construction for unmatched comfort
  • Integrated mesh ventilation panels for releasing heat
  • Pre-shrunk

I have been wearing my salmon SilverAir shirt since February 2014, and it is still a staple in my closet. I wear it as part of my casual wear rotation, as well as toss it in for a workout a couple of times a month or so. It has been through a bunch of washes and has outlasted all other shirts in both smell and appearance. The collar is not “bacon-ing” and the red hue is still vibrant.

The construction of the shirt is also top-notch. The stitching and fabric are well put together and the entire shirt is amazingly soft to the touch. When you think a shirt “made out of silver”, you arent’ necessarily imagining a plush feel – but that’s exactly what you get.

The shirts come in 3 styles and a variety of colors. The short-sleeved varieties come in both crewneck and v-neck design (6-7 colors) , and the long-sleeved shirt is also a crewneck design (9 colors). I find that the shirts fit amazingly well into either your workout drawer on in your closet. I have worn these out casually and have also put in 8 miles with them. No matter where I am wearing them – they just work.

On a personal level, these shirts seem to fit me perfectly – which is not always the case. I am 6’1 and weight about 180 pounds (down 30 pounds this year). I generally fall somewhere into the middle of a medium and large due to my caught-in-the-middle build. I don’t have a thick broad chest, but I also am not slim build either. Therefore, many t-shirts and running shirts either drape off me like a sheet or constrict me like a compression top. It’s sort of hit-or-miss. Each time I have worn a Y Athletics shirt, the Large fits amazingly well.

Short-sleeved shirts currently run at $54.00 and long-sleeved shirts are $64.00.

Use code RUNOREGON for 10% off!

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