Gorge Falls 50K and100K is sold out for 2015. Make note for 2016!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDQsfYSJsnI There are not many races that boast being able to run underneath a waterfall but these races can not only say it, but runners of the 100K get to run under the waterfall twice! On top of being able to experience a waterfall from behind it, runners will see more than 10 unique waterfalls, including the famed Multnomah Falls. Of course, you have to run either 31 or 62 miles to enjoy all those waterfalls....but who's counting miles when you can count waterfalls!?!

Running under Ponytail falls

Now, before you get excited because you checked out their Facebook pages (50K 100K), or because you checked out the Rainshadow running 50Kwebsite or the 100Kwebsite, be advised that both races are already sold out. Because of the single track nature of these trails, limits are set. However, to get some of the experience, check out this great video of both courses and see what you’re missing (therefore what you need to put on the calendar early if you want to run it).

Registration typically opens up for the 100K at the end of October so plan accordingly for next year’s race. The 50K, however, is a lottery, so stay tuned to the Rainshadow running websites for their announcement later this year when you can submit your name.

In the meantime, enjoy this waterfall…and keep running!

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