Guest recap: 2015 ORRC Hagg Mud 25k

Don't you want to run here? The ORRC 50k/25k Hagg Lake Mud Runs, held every President's Weekend at Hagg Lake. Photo by Elaine Knipe.

Run Oregon reader Elaine Knipe submitted this recap of the 2015 ORRC Hagg Mud 25k, run on Sunday, February 15. Feel free to Submit a Guest Post in the “Contact Us” tab if you want to get involved. While waiting for Valentine’s Day weekend, it wasn’t exactly the Valentine’s Day holiday that all runners were waiting for. For some, it was for the Hagg Lake 25k/50k race held at Henry Hagg Lake. What made this race such an attraction for me was many things but the fact that “mud” was going to be a part of this race.

On Saturday the 14th the trails were filled with the 50k runners to conquer 31.0 miles, looping the beautiful lake twice and breaking in the trails for the 25k runners the next day. Sunday morning was the time for 25kers and even some returning runners from the 50k to take on these trails. With the added bonus of nice dry weather and sunshine in the sky, this was going to make an already awesome race day even better.

Upon arriving, I realized I had forgotten my bib at home, so I went to the volunteers to see of what I should do. And without a problem I was reassigned to a new bib. After getting situated, I went to the gazebo where outdoor heaters were set up and coffee, snacks, and GU were available to the runners. This was a good thing because I had forgotten my GU as well.

With the start time scheduled for 9 am approaching, runners prepare and to head to the starting arch, provided by Huber Timing. Co-race director Eric Barten gave directions to the runners, started the countdown … and we were off!

We started running toward the highest elevation point of the race – up a gravel hill to hit the top on Sain Creek Road, then back down to head for the trails. As we were on the trails I was really enjoying myself, especially because of the mud and puddles (not little puddles either).With beautiful sights to look upon and great company running along with me – runners I didn’t even know yet.

Finding ourselves on the road, we were now running across the dam to head for even more trails – full of smiles and excitement for what’s next. Back on trails, at mile 6.1 and mile 11.2 were the best aid stations I have ever seen a race have. There PB &J, trail mix, chips, GU, water, soda, electrolytes, and, porta-potties. They had such awesome volunteers at both stations.

This is what fun looks like. Photo by Elaine Knipe.

The trails ending this race were of a little challenge, but still enjoyable. Finally, there was “Pig Pen” my most favorite part of the race. MUD ALLEY is what it is and FUN is what it was. Finished with “Pig Pen” it was to the finish from there with a run through the parking lot and a little trail to the finish line where we were greeted by Eric and other runners and volunteers with high fives and YES! the bling and really cool socks. And not far from me is the FOOD! Hot dogs and homemade chili that was delicious, cookies, BEER and much more! Before leaving, I checked out the board written listing bib numbers that had won raffle prizes.

In amazement with such a great event, I am now hooked on this race and definitely have plans to return. Thank you for such a great event!

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