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Race preview: 2015 ORRC Champoeg runs (St. Paul)

(c) ORRC

March is going to be my comeback month! I'm coming back from injury (plantar fasciitis turned Achilles tendonitis) and very excited to add some races to my spring schedule. Luckily, I just so happen to be able to find three great ones for the first tree weekends in March. The ORRC Champoeg 10k run is a new one to me. I live in a southern suburb of Portland, and I travel to the Portland metro area for most of the races I run, so being 15 minutes away from the start line at Champoeg State Park is a nice perk.

ORRC 10k/20k/30k Medals

I have run two different races at Champoeg State Park before, and the gently rolling bike paths are beautiful and relaxing. Both times I got really close to a new PR in the respective distances (10k and half marathon). The out-and-back course starts at the west end of the park and passes the day-use area twice (for the 10k), which makes it really convenient if you’re bringing along your cheering section. The 20k and 30k are two and three loops, respectively, of the same out-and-back course.

This race offers three different distances: 10k, 20k and 30k. What’s unique is that if you run the 20k or 30k, you are automatically also getting official times for the shorter distances, so presumably it is possible to end the morning with three different age group awards! The 10k is also part of the ORRC 10k series, and you are able to upgrade to the longer distances (the first 10k loop will count towards your series time).

For more information, visit the race website or the Facebook event page. Also read Annette’s fabulous preview.

To register for the race, go to the online registration page. There is no mail-in registration.

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