What Run Oregon is Wearing: Territory Run Co. apparel and Swiftwick Aspire running socks

Run Oregon sometimes receives products to review.  Here are our impressions of Territory Run Company and Swiftwicks Socks.

Territory Running Co.

MSRP: Shirt $29.00; Socks $15.00


Territory is committed to creating a community of everyday people who love to adventure in the outdoors through running.

There are tons of running clothes out there that we runners purchase on a daily basis for our training runs and races. But I personally enjoy something a little more laid back in my off-days and non-running times, yet still stay true to who I am – a Pacific NW runner.

Enter Territory Run Company.

Territory is a Portland based company that offers some amazing products that are really geared towards us as runners. Sayings such as, “Freedom of the Run”and”Runners of the Wild”elegently and simply adorn the front of shirts and hoodies on their webstore.

I received a heather blue (50/50 cotton polyester blend) Freedom of the Run t-shirt (seen above) and a pair of Run High Socks (60% Nylon, 39% Coolmax, 1% Lycrawith) with a 5 inch cuff.

The shirt is EXACTLY my style. I am not flamboyant or super picky in my apparel, and when I’m not in work I am generally playing it pretty casual in a t-shirt and jeans. The shirt is very soft and is stylish enough to work into a casual evening out or just to lounge around the house. The socks are also very comfortable and I figure I can use them as casual socks but could likely be used as trail running or hiking socks as well. The mountain and sky motif is a cool visual either way.

We here at Run Oregon love it when a local NW company brings forward some great products, especially when it gives a nod to the sport and activity that we love and makes us who we are. Territory definitely does that.

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Swiftwick Aspire Running Socks

MSRP: $16.99

Swiftwick Aspire socks, in cuff height Four.

In over 35 years of running, the one thing I’ve found I can never have too much of is running socks. I prefer socks that have a reasonable ankle height (not too low), don’t sag or bunch up, have a soft or at least smooth texture, don’t snag on my typical runner’s toenails, don’t get too soggy with rain or sweat, and don’t cause too much rubbing or too many blisters. And if possible, I like socks with cool colors or patterns too.

Swiftwick Aspire socks seem to fit the bill in all respects. A compression style, the Aspire fit snugly but not too tight, form well to my shape-challenged feet, don’t sag around the ankles, and don’t bunch up in my shoes.

My pair is a “Four”, the fourth highest ankle height of six different available sizes, and while they are quite a bit taller than most of the other running socks in my current rotation, they feel great, keep my ankles warm, and don’t slide down at all.

The fabric is not particularly “cushy”, but is very smooth and comfortable, and the socks seem to live up to their “Swiftwick” name, as my feet remain cool and dry throughout the run and beyond.

The ankle doesn’t sag, and the unusual shade of blue goes well with my blinding yellow Sauconys.

My pair is a distinctive teal/aquamarine color, a hue unlike any of my other socks, so they are easy to pick out of the laundry and my sock heap. Did I say heap? I meant sock drawer. My tidy sock drawer. Yeah, that’s what I meant to write. Anyway, they definitely stand out, and they give my fluorescent green Saucony shoes a “run” for their money in the brightness department!

Overall, the Swiftwick Aspire are a high-quality sock, and at around $17 a pair, are a comparable value to similar popular brands like Smartwool.

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Matt Rasmussen lives in Keizer, Ore. with his wife and three daughters. He enjoys watching hockey, going to as many breweries (618) and wineries (152) as he can, and all things Canada (he was born there). Matt was raised as a baseball player and officially transitioned over to running in 2010.

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