Product Review: Smith Optics Pivlock Asana Sunglasses

It has been just over a month since I first ripped open a package containing the Smith Optics Pivlock Asana sunglasses. I’m a runner who has to have a pair of sunglasses on regardless of the light and weather conditions. Sunny? Sunglasses. Rainy? Sunglasses. Almost dark out? Yep, pack those sunglasses! I’ve ran in the Asana’s, walked in them, and now I am ready to tell you my thoughts on the Asana sunglasses by Smith Optics!

They are fabulous. Really, I am so pleased with them. Here are the reasons why:

First, and most important, the lenses. Yes, I wear sunglasses nearly all the time I am outdoors. If it is dark out, no worry – just slip in some clear lenses, right? My eyes are very sensitive to air movement, light, changing conditions … all of it. I have high maintenance eyes. To my very great surprise, I found the Asana sunglasses come with three lenses standard; no, you don’t have to purchase additional lenses, you get all three right from the start!

The lens that was in and ready to go when I opened the package was the Purple Sol-X Mirror sense. I love the purple coloring; it is so vibrant and beautiful, but do not make everything look purple. This is great, as I initially thought, from looking at them, that I wold be seeing everything in a Barney purple hue. Not at all. The sun stays out, I don’t have to squint, and the “color” is crisp and neutral. These lenses are definitely the “go to” for 80% of all activities. The description from Smith Options for the Purple Sol-X Mirror lens is right on with my personal experience.

“A true color gray lens base with multi-layer Purple Sol-X Mirror cuts glare and reduces eye fatigue in bright, sunny conditions. Hydroleophobic coating repels water, dirt, and grease. Provides 100% protection from harmful UVA/B/C rays.”

The next lens is a rose color, specifically referred to as Ignitor. I am a huge fan of rose-colored lenses, as they make things so ‘cheery’. Also, when it is a gray, misty day out (like a lot of days are for us here in Oregon!), I traditionally opt to wear a rose-colored lens. These lenses break through the fog, make cloudy days rosy and brighter, and allow the road and landscape ahead of you to be seen in beautiful detail due to the increased contrast the rose hue provides.

The third lens is clear. Clear lenses are so versatile. Not only can you wear them when there is no need to block out any sun rays, or to increase contrast when doing fast-moving activities, but clear lenses are fantastic for ‘safety lenses’; think bicycle riding, running at the beach with the wind and sand, even night skiing.

Thanks to the Pivlock system, all three of the Asana lenses can be utilized on the fly and with great ease. The Pivlock interchange system is very user-friendly; all you do is slip each temple arm up, slip out the nose piece, insert the new lens, slip temple arms in, and put the nose piece back. I found a video online that demonstrates this much better than words can – take a look at the video.

Now that I have the choice of three lenses that are interchangeable and fit all my needs, I then focus in on the overall appearance of the Asana sunglasses. The Asana is sporty, fierce and clean-looking. Why fierce? Because when you have the beautiful white frame and the impressive Purple Sol-X Mirror lens in place, these sunglasses demand center stage, and rightfully so. There are six frame colors to choose from, and two lens color packages to pick so you can achieve your perfect look.

I have a ‘small face’, and historically wore Oakley sunglasses because they had the option of choosing the “Asian Fit” frame, which worked very nice for me. The Asana sunglasses have a two position adjustable nose pad, which allowed me to customize the fit for my face very well. The one negative I found, however, was my eyelashes occasionally hit the lenses.

I appreciate that Smith Optics includes both a hard and soft case with the Asana sunglasses. The hard case fits all three lenses and the frames. For those on the go moments when you know you won’t need to change out lenses, the soft case, which also dubs as a lens cleaning cloth, has been very effective for protecting the Asana sunglasses when in my vehicle’s sunglasses holder, or in my purse.

The current retail price point for the Smith Optics Pivlock Asana sunglasses is $159.00. Yeah, you read that right; $159. Pretty amazing price point to receive a sharp pair of frames, three different, highly usable lenses for all conditions/weather/light, and two cases.

The eye lash issue is my only complaint (my eyelashes hit the lenses occasionally), otherwise, 100% thumbs up for the Smith Optics Asana sunglasses; not only for running, but for any activity you may encounter during the day.

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