Get to know Run Oregon: Robin York

One of our community bloggers, Annette Vaughan, had the idea to share a little more about ourselves through some interview questions she came up with. Take these questions and come up with more to interview your running buddies! Heeeeeeeeeeere’s Robin!

Age I started running:  Well, I started “couch to 5K” when I was 31 to start training for my first 5k race.  After that 5K race, I didn’t run again until I was 33… so I feel like I became a “runner” when I was 33.  It was in January of 2013 I started running again, restarting “couch to 5k” and realizing I had to take control of my health.  I had a lot of weight to lose.

Photo taken January 2013 when I started running again. In 14 months, I lost 80 lbs after running and reevaluating food choices and portions.

Favorite running shoes:  Brooks Adrenaline.  I overpronate and these are what I have been fitted to run in.  They haven’t failed me.  When I started out on my running journey, I had no idea it was a good idea to be “fitted” at a running specialty store.  I had just picked the shiniest, most colorful pair I could find and later found out that those weren’t the best option for me.

A 5K held in May 2013. The second race I ever ran in.


Favorite season to run:  My favorite time of year to run is fall.  I’m not bothered by wet or rain, typically and like the cooler temperatures.  I have a mild run allergy that leaves me covered in pimple like blisters when I’m over heated.  This makes me feel like summer running is over rated.  Time to cross train with the air conditioner.  Okay, I don’t hibernate indoors… it’s too beautiful out in the summer and too many great events going on, but I am definitely a wet and cold runner.

Miles per week or per year:  I am still fairly new to running and figuring out that balance between being a mom to young kiddos and fitting in “me time” to train, so this last 12 months was an average of 800 miles and typically sneaking out for a run twice a week by myself and running with kids in a double stroller (“the behemoth”) twice a week for 4 runs in 7 days.  That’s the goal.  Sometimes it’s 3 runs in 7 days.

Running. With kids.

Favorite running gadgets:  I can not run without a hat.  I need it to help keep the sun off my face or the rain off my glasses, after that, I guess my favorite running gadget would be my GPS watch.  It has a heart rate monitor, and I haven’t played with that yet, but I rely on it to help me monitor my distances and what I have done to calculate what I still need to do in my training and goals.

What I carry with me on the run:  Well, for Christmas, my husband gave me some pepper spray, so I guess I’ll be learning how to carry that… but typically I have my road ID and Garmin on, and my hand-held water bottle.  In my waist belt I have my phone and $2 (in case of “an emergency”.  I’m not sure that two bucks would go very far in an emergency, but it makes my husband feel better that I have it.) and depending on the distance, a home-made energy bar.  I should probably share the recipe?  I have a hat no matter the weather and if it’s cold, I try to remember to wear gloves.  I have Raynaud’s disease and my hands and feet go numb when they are cold.

Pre race and post race foods:  Pre race I usually just have some toast with peanut butter, a glass of almond milk and maybe a banana if I’m really hungry.  I don’t usually drink a lot of coffee and try to limit my water intake on race day morning because I have… well, I have a nervous bladder.  Post race, I like to indulge in a chocolate milk and a “candy bar”, which is what we call a Probar, Lara bar, Picky bar or the like in my family.  If there is a beer at the end of the race or other post race goodies, I’m not likely to turn it down.  This could be why I need to run so much?

First race ever! October 2011

My favorite race and distance:  My favorite race is probably Run Like Hell because that was my first race ever, but when I do that one, I think I will stick to the 5K or 10K.  I’m a “back of the pack” runner and an event like that is fun to see all the costumes and runners… and that is something I miss out on with the half marathon.  Maybe when I’m a wee bit ( a lot) faster it won’t be quite an issue… but I enjoy doing half marathons as my favorite race distance.  Someday I’ll pluck enough courage to try to do a full marathon.  Probably not any time soon though?

If i could only do one race ever, it would probably be this one.

Favorite running destination:  I haven’t traveled a whole lot for races… The farthest I’ve gone is Carnation, WA for “Beat The Blerch” half and if there was only one race I could ever do, it would probably be Silver Falls Half in Silverton, OR.  I guess that makes Silver Falls my most favorite race ever?  That race is by far the most beautiful race – well, in my limited racing experience.  But seriously, put that one on your to-do list.   That one is my most most favorite.

Taking a little rest at an aid station for the “Beat The Blerch” half marathon

Group running or solo running:  I feel some strange social pressure to try to be talkative when running with others or to try to save enough breath to talk when others chat with me… so I typically like to run solo.  There isn’t any worry about farting or smelling really bad when running or the gasping for breath I sometimes do… but there has to be something said for group runs.   I love the accountability a group holds you to when you commit to meeting up with them to run and I love the camaraderie when I am feeling sluggish and not into running. With a group run, I have a companion who is also logging in the miles and working towards their own journey and training goals while I work on mine.

Music or no music:  Typically, I choose to run without, but there is definitely times that a good playlist helps boost moral.  When I run with music, I like to run with my Roadnoise vest (I had a bad experience with earbuds in).  With the roadnoise, it is quiet enough that other runners aren’t rocking out (or getting annoyed) with my tunes but I can still hear it and hear my surroundings.

I had my RoadNoise vest on underneath my long sleeve top, playing holiday music during the Eugene Holiday Half.

Favorite running song:   Run Boy Run by Woodkid

Speedwork:  Not since summer 2014.  I need to be more disciplined.  New Year’s resolution?

Cross training:  My stationary bike while watching episodes of Doctor Who.

Treadmill:  I don’t own one right now, but I’m tempted.




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