Jessica Mumme at the Run in the Country half marathon during the 2013 event. Photo courtesy of Bryan Mumme.

Get to know Run Oregon: Jessica Mumme

Having a bachelor of science in Psychology, Jessica took this interview very seriously. Specifically, Jessica apologized in advance for the schizophrenic nature a ‘self interview’ must appear to readers. Additionally, Jessica pretended that Jessica was not hearing or seeing something that wasn’t there (these questions, and then answering them), having a change in personality (ummm … isn’t that what this is?), having a peculiar or nonsensical way of speaking (or writing), and most importantly, Jessica assured me she was not acting in an inappropriate or bizarre way.

 … as these are some of the classic warning signs. Let’s begin.

Jessica and a cat she befriended ... What a surprise.

Jessica and a cat she befriended  … What a surprise.

Age you started running
I clearly remember running from a very early age; like when I was about 2 and 3/4 years old. I remember running through the open areas at Blue Lake Park in Portland, wishing I could jump into the water and swim. I remember running like a banshee through my Grandparents backyard in Portland; it was huge, like a big, expansive park set in the middle of the neighborhood. I remember all the ribbons I received as a sprinter in 4-5th grade. Final answer: I was young.

Favorite running shoes
Yeah, this is an easy question. My favorite shoe is the Pearl Izumi E:Motion Road N2.

First race
First race as an adult … that is how Jessica chose to answer this question, because she raced in a lot of school stuff as a kid. Jessica says she would consider her re-introduction to running and racing as the Eugene Half Marathon in 2009.

Favorite time of year to run (or favorite running temperature)
Cold, wet, raining, sleet, hail, snow, wind. I am not a fan of running when it is 70+ degrees.

Left-to-Right: Tung Yin, Jessica Mumme, Marilyn Tycer. At Uberthons Halloweenathon 2014

Left-to-Right: Tung Yin, Jessica Mumme, Marilyn Tycer. Photo taken at Uberthons Halloweenathon 2014 by Marilyn Tycer.

How many days/week or miles/week you run (or mileage/year)
Jessica chose to answer this as question looking forward into 2015. Jessica says, “I want to spend all my time running and training be during actual races. That would mean I would need to race about 52 times in the year, from 5k’s to 50k, to reach a solid mileage goal for the year.” In other words, Jessica runs for fun, and doesn’t follow any regimen. Jessica also doesn’t “log her miles”. Jessica runs when she wants to, how far or how fast she wants to, and enjoys every second of it. This method has also allowed Jessica to be a middle-of-the-pack runner for the majority of her races, she doesn’t experience running related over-use injuries, and she doesn’t become tired or bored of running.

Favorite running tech gadgets
Garmin 210! And also the Patagonia Houdini jacket.

What you can’t run without

Inhaler (Jessica is a runner with asthma) and sunglasses.

What you carry with you on the run
Nothing (besides those noted above). Maybe a gel and hand held water bottle, but prefer not to run with these.

Pre-run/race routine/must-do’s
Use the ports-potties about seven thousand times.

Jessica sporting her Rock and Roll Portland inaugural year finisher shirt.

Jessica sporting her Rock and Roll Portland inaugural year finisher shirt.

Post-run/race routine/must-do’s
Hanging out at the finish line and cheering in all the runners still out on the course. “After I cross the finish line, I want to stay as long as I can to cheer in all the runners. We are all chasing the same finish line, and have our own ‘stuff’ we carry with us to get to the finish line. Crossing that finish line is our statement to ourselves that we can do it, and it is so rewarding to see others experience their personal victory.”

Go to pre-race food
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Post-race food/beverages
Absolutely anything. Wine, cheese and crackers would be the preference.

Favorite race and/or distance
25k trail runs.

Favorite running destination
Wherever there is a race that can be done! Literally, anywhere!

Group running or solo running?

Music or no music?

Favorite running song?
Jessica became slightly flustered when I ask, as she indicated that she answered this question fully above. Jessica does not like running and music.

Speed work?
Not so much.

Cross training?
Pilates, yoga and bicycling. Dancing and singing at the same time, too.

Oh my gosh no.

Training plan?

WooHoo! Made it to the top of the mountain! With ... you guessed it, another finisher shirt on!

WooHoo! Made it to the top of the mountain! With … you guessed it, another finisher shirt on! This time it is Coburg Run in the Country.

Running pet peeve
“Arm chair spectators” who make condescending comments (to fast, middle and slow runners). This is especially prevalent at finish lines … Jessica gives an example, When I was crossing the finish line at the Sunriver Marathon for a Cause double event, having completed a half marathon the day before, and then finishing a half marathon today, I heard spectators at the finish line going “LAME” as I crossed the finish line. I found out I was “LAME” because I crossed the finish line not looking dead (tired), and they wanted me (and everyone else) to give it everything we had on the course and come across the finish line looking like a zombie.” Jessica runs for fun, and to be able to continue on with her day after running. Not to be bed ridden for a week because she pushed it too hard.

Favorite non-running outdoor activity
Writing, playing in the yard, detailing the car.

Jessica chillin' at Sunriver Marathon for a Cause event.

Jessica chillin’ at Sunriver Marathon for a Cause event. What, no race shirt on?! That yellow thing is a race shirt in my lap, so no alarm to the race shirt Gods.

Funny, embarrassing, most memorable running experience
Getting to the final aid station at the Mary’s Peak 25k and realizing it was not the finish line, even though my Garmin indicated I had gone in excess of 25k. Ended up, the course was nearly 18 miles for the 25k, and a lot of us (mistakingly) thought the final aid station was the finish line.

What you do when you aren’t running or blogging
Working! I have a fantastic job working for a municipal government.

Something Run Oregon readers don’t know about me
I have three cats, and they are my children (seriously). I am a runner with asthma. I drive to Portland (too much) for races because I am addicted to racing; but you all probably knew that already. 

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